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  1. pretty cool finds i think i saw something too i looked at that board and saw delgado and above it 1881 so i looked him up turns out hes a venezualian guy lol
  2. UPDATE:: Found some new information about a mountain range on the Moon! South Pole–Aitken basin The outer rim of this basin can be seen from Earth as a huge chain of mountains located on the lunar southern limb, sometimes called "Leibnitz mountains so what do you guys think!?
  3. alright so i found this brilliant website withe really cool lore on nazi stories as i was reading through the passages something struck me "simultaneously a second secret base is build up on a high plateau in the South American Andes" could the andes be the mountain range? its the largest in the world next possible map? i don't know the sources of the website but here's a link to it http://www.beyondweird.com/ufos/branton ... ctica.html if you keep reading on you will see admiral byrd also has a role in it as also seen in a thread on this site here viewtopic.php?t=22893&p=220346
  4. Richtofens old why would his hair be black ? I am asian my hair is black I believe the date of death for Takeo meant that he died and became a zombie and that he was secretly one of the test subjects? so maybe he could still keep his mind stable beacuse of testing and yahh just a theory
  5. I just registered and I haven't seen a post about the other two so I just wanted to put it in! In the spawn room if you go to the top window on your left outside the map there are 2 empty frames and also On five a picture of richtofen was in the war room what does that mean?
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