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  1. Yeah there are teddy bears everywhere... Creepy
  2. The Death Machines for 90 seconds is real... I did it yesterday. 90 seconds of pure awsomeness!!! Otherwise, I've never seen any of those batteries. Speaking of weird things, on Kino der Toten, there are those red boxes all around te map, so there can be those batteries.
  3. Eh, that idea with the mix of teams would be a good idea. Maybe having one map with 8 player zombies, you know, both teams at the same time.
  4. I camp until round three, and then hit the box until we get a teddy bear. Then, we camp by PhD Flopper and camp. Then we PaP and survive.
  5. I want them to have a moon base map with all sorts of new traps and weapons. Maybe a newer gun that is similar to the Wunderwaffe. For all we know, a moon map is being made(heard it from some guy on this site) and it has an airlock trap.
  6. If you all don't know already, there is a cool easter egg called the Mystery Man. If you've ever played "Five", look out the front door of the PaP room. On the right wall, there is a silhouette painting. The man released at the end of the Easter Egg is probably him. There are also radios throughout the map that reveal a lot about the creation of Project Mercury, or as we know it, the Gersh Device. These radios may solve the mystery in how the 4 men got to Ascension. Also, another easter egg that was found is found throughout the map. They're red telephones that when you interact with them, you hear a saying of one of the "Five" people. Only three of the four phones have been located. The only one not found is the phone for the Secretary of Defense. You can find three teddy bears around the map. Activate them, and they will play a cool song. The first one is next to the Olympia, the second one is on the floor next to the gate in the junkyard, and the third one is in the Sickle area. The final one I'll mention are the Nesting Dolls. You can find these dolls all around the map. Their locations are: Nikolai is near Speed Coal, Takeo is next to PhD Flopper, Richtoven is on the third floor on the way to the mystery box and power switch, and I don't know where Dempsey is. Please reply!!! My Xbox Live Gamertag is- badboys106
  7. I've upgraded the Wunderwaffe DG-2 to the Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ. In Black Ops(if you got the Classic Zombies) when you upgrade the Wunderwaffe DG-2, it turns golden its pretty awesome. Also i've upgraded: 1. The Olympia 2. The MP5K 3. The Stakeout 4. The M16 5. The AK74u 6. The Spectre 7. The China Lake 8. The M72 LAW 9. The CZ75 10. The CZ75 Dual Wield 11. The Ray Gun 12. The Thunder Gun 13. The Winter's Howl 14. The HK21 15. The RPK 16. The Galil 17. The Commando 18. The Colt M911
  8. I totally agree to everything said above. It is a great idea to add what was said.
  9. WHat should be added: 1. Add the Wunderwaffe DG-2 2. The box should cost 940 points 3. They should add a combination of a Ray Gun and a Freeze Ray 4. A water gun should be added
  10. Threre are two ways to survive and do well: A. Rush; buy a door when you have enough. B: Take your time stay in the starting room or buy the first door and buy MPLs. At round five(if you ave four people) split up. Two people go to the War Room and two people stay upstairs. At round seven or eight, go to the box. Get some good guns. Save up some points to purchase a Pack-A-Punch upgrade. After buying your first upgrade, buy Jugger-Nog. Camp in the Pack-A-Punch room for the rest of the game. Remember to buy Speed-Cola, and also remember to put survival before anything else especially the Random Box especially Fire Sales. P.S. A quick tip to kill the scientist: Go to the War Room. Whoever the scientist is after has o run around the catwalk in circles. Meanwhile, the other players shoot at the front of numbers trail. You are likely to get a Bonfire Sale(PAP costs 1000 Points 80% off).
  11. The first pic is surely from five right after you kick down the 750 door, but the second one???
  12. The mystery box is only way to get to a high round. You need to get it in order to do well. It contains the Ray Gun, the Thunder Gun, and the Freeze Ray. There awesome. Say they added the Death Machine to the box. It would be like the one in campaign. It has to recharge, and it has 999 bullets. No other clips. Or maybe they an add a Fire Ray or a better, more updated version of the Wunderwaffe DG-2.
  13. I think there should be a more powerups powerup that incresed the chance of getting powerup drops form zombies.
  14. My highest round is Round 29 we all had upgrades. We were throwing unlimited monkeys using a cool glitch, but one of the monkeys thrown didn't "work" zombies came and killed the monkey throwers, leaving us to face Round 29 zombies with no guns.
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