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  1. I'll do that next time we play. Thank you for the help. On a side note, I really wish Treyach would stop with so much randomness in their Easter Eggs. It wastes tons of time and defeats the purpose of playing a "game" when it's just frustrating. I'm mainly referring to the excavators here. Perk spawns too.
  2. So throw it directly in front of the sphere and let it bounce? How far away should I be when I throw it?
  3. Yeah, that sucks though with just 3 QEDs. There's got to be an easier way...
  4. My friend and i have been playing this map forever trying to get the Big Bang Theory achievement. We got all of the steps accept getting the QED to knock the Sphere out of the Vril Interface and following step. Could someone please explain or show how to throw the QED correctly? Every time we throw it, it just bounces off the Sphere and we run out of QEDs and have to hit the box again and again. Then we end up getting pwnd after wasting 5hrs or so. PLEASE HELP!!! Add me if you can, gamertag Xbox: predawncorpses
  5. I'm glad for once that i got Elite. i was regretting it until announcement of BO2...of course i'll have to renew my freaking subscription. i was pissed when they ruined MW3 Hardcore and ruined my whole multi-player gaming experience.
  6. they should however change the soundtrack and put in some fitting Death Metal.
  7. That looks nothing like a China Lake... it's a double barrel shotgun. it's an Olympia to be exact. anybody notice any hidden images or numbers in the poster like in the BO1 poster? I also hope the original characters return.
  8. Are there no easter eggs you can do on shangri la like you could on COTD?
  9. i still love the MP40 in Zombies. fine German steel. otherwise, AK-74U i guess.
  10. i was playing COTD solo tonight and noticed this strange "graffiti" in part of the ship that's close to the PAP spawn by the Juggernog. it looks as though there are jungle leaves/plants. possible reference to the Temple? the pic here is just part of it BTW. the graffiti's all over the hallway here. kind of reminds me of the writing in Verruckt except more tribal looking. (sorry for the crappy pic, it was off my phone)
  11. so it's available for DL at midnight eastern time?
  12. that would be cool. "fresh meat"! he does look like Mulder! where's Scully?
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