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  1. Hey guys, I made a "We All Fall Down" analysis on my YT channel... assyriannuni6... https://www.youtube.com/user/assyriannu ... ture=watch The video is below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ynRA_LTig There is a lot of great info there! Check out the video! I am analyzing every Zombies EE Song! You will NOT want to miss these videos! Stay subscribed for more info. BELOW IS THE DESCRIPTION... Welcome to my Call of Duty Zombies EE Song Analysis Series Season 1! I hope you enjoyed this video! I have all of the other videos in the works! (Check the dates be
  2. damit, are you sure you need the CO OP EE for COTD done?
  3. i have done it but solo. and i dont have the map anymore. i did get the trophy. dont you have to do the shangri la easter egg? or do you need to do the COTD EE to do the shangri la EE...
  4. i have a question about the big bang... i did the COTD EE solo and got the trophy but did NOT do the Shangri-La EE at all. I tried doing the Big Bang on Moon but Rictofen does not have the Golden Rod... which ones do i have to do in order to do the Moon EE?? Thanks!
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