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  1. so basically what you are saying is that we get DM we shoot sam yippi yippi yay. heres the problem. im pretty sure that ghosts keep their appearance when they die, like sam was just an innocent little girl. so after you get the miniguns and find sam, 4 big men with BIG A*S miniguns shoot the living SH*T out of a innocent looking little girl. i dont see that happening in a video game. pretty much no fps/tps involves killing children. ( i think i know the reason but il just keep it to myself unless someone really wants to know ) so it is very unlikely that 3arc would put that into the game
  2. hmm, 7 power boxes under there. and how many power boxes have been found? 7 was it?
  3. no it means theater of the damned
  4. ps3-check mic-check being good-check ascension-not until tomorrow
  5. use to be 5/6 but now that i have stopped playing cod multi. its down to 1-3 , occasionaly yelling WTF just happened
  6. also one of the heroes ( i think nikolai cant remember ) say : '' how could that thing ever have been human ''
  7. has anyone tried shooting the rocket with the ballistic knife? since in multi after you kill someone with it, it says : skewered+100 and such
  8. AYE AYE captain, glad to see your contribution to the cause
  9. hmm, i have a ps3 so this might have happened already but anyway. all this story about sacrifice or something in the omega forum. maybe you have to get downed by the centrifuge while having the death machines. or maybe everyone has to get downed. i would try this myself, but yeah...
  10. i think winters howl is way better. bigger clip than thunder and more ammo with it. yes it might sometimes take 2-3 shots whit it to kill a horde but that is still equivalent to thunder because it has 3 times more ammo. besides when you upgrade it its godly. so WINTERS HOWL FTW!!!!!!
  11. the single player sucked just like all the other call of duty games after call of duty 3
  12. 5 perks? i thought i read somewhere you can only have 4 perks on at a time.. hmm (ps3 user tho)
  13. well in kino on pc when you go onto noclip mode ( the one where you can fly around ) and go into samanthas room without being teleported there. there is something that isnt there when teleportd. a map layout of kino and the 4 heroes along with a teddy bear looking over them. i am not lying i personally have not got pc mode so i cant confirm this. but i DID infact see another person on youtube do it. he didnt pay much attention to it though but i still noticed. :shock: it scared me at first
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