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  1. How is that Xbox 360 lol even with the brightness turned up all the way my pics are alot darker and more high def than that lol to me it looks like PC but nice find nonetheless
  2. Mr Dark there is a line of code that suggests that she DOES say something I created a thread about it viewtopic.php?f=60&t=8042 I believe she does say it
  3. Thanks for clearing that up and yes i am talking about the programming code used to describe the game in an IF-THEN environment. I would love to take a look at the code for kino der toten because there is alot of mysterious things going on in this map!!
  4. There is supposed to be a secret weapon that you can get on the multiplayer map Summit. During the pre-release of black ops im not sure but someone said there is a secret weapon in a cubby hole where the jammer is hidden BUT no-one is able to find it.
  5. That is true Treyarch is VERY anti-climatic SOOOO what do you guys think of the weapon on summit??? Is there a video of that guy saying that there is because i couldnt find ANYTHING on him saying it just people saying they saw him say it
  6. I hope so because it seems as tho when something is found more people try to disprove it rather than try and prove it
  7. Well you know some people say its been debunked but how can it be its right in the code i dont think this easter egg is finished i think people are giving up WAY to easily sure theyve been throwing theories around for 2 months but still "come find me" is pretty obvious that something is supposed to be going on after or during the 90 DMs
  8. Has anyone looked at the code for kino and if someone has can you send it to me that would be greatly appreciated I really think theres more to kino der toten and also what does it mean in english
  9. I have heard of the Come Find Me thing but i always thought that people thought she said that AFTER she screams? this line of code comes before she screams
  10. Ok I have been reading through some of the code and i found something interesting... playsoundatposition( "zmb_samantha_whispers", (0,0,0) ); This line comes AFTER the earthquake and BEFORE sam screams. Has anyone heard what she is whispering there is usually alot of noise while this is happening so it could have easily been missed. one other thing I have only been able to view codes posted and i would like to see ALL the files that are incorporated with ascension if someone could tell me how i would go about getting these files. that would be greatly appreciated and brains would be awarded :)
  11. Alright jeeze people need to stop hatin on each other. Respect others opinions. BUT on another note I was reading the code and i had noticed something that I havent seen anywhere so far.... In one of the lines of code it says: playsoundatposition( "zmb_samantha_whispers", (0,0,0) ); This comes after the earthquake and before sam screams according to the code. Now as far as there being parts of the code that people cant find, YES this IS possible. There are files that end with un-useable prefixes if any one could "open" these files then there would PROBABLY be things that we havent found before. Some "proof" of this may be seen in one line of the code that states client notify (sia). I know alot of people think "sia" refers to sam_is_angry as seen in the code BUT i do not believe this is true client notify usually refers to something specific like IF....THEN lol THIS IS ALL IMO so dont hate me lol
  12. I was reading the code earlier and one thing that caught my eye was this line: playsoundatposition( "zmb_samantha_whispers", (0,0,0) ); I wonder what she whispers? Now i know that the "come find me" rumors are FALSE i have not heard this ever but i do believe she says something before she screams! This line is between the earthquake and sam screaming so it might be quite hard to hear. Any one with turtles and some spare time wanna try it out?
  13. I havent heard her say this? I will check again tho
  14. Are you guys sure it doesn't mean anything lol. Reading the posts I got this idea: Its lifted off the ground with fire beneath it...Raise hell? lol Any thoughts has anyone no-clipped around the map while they had the death machines? Just my thoughts :)
  15. there is a way to get the classic map pack for free. I have done this myself, it requires you to put a hacked gamer profile on your xbox and you need to have a second controller or something so that you can sign into 2 accounts. Once you have the profile on your xbox you click ZOMBIES, then XBOX LIVE, and before you click FIND MATCH, you sign in to the hacked account. the zombies will quit and say there will be a message saying "The Call of Duty: Black Ops server is not available at this time......" click exit and it will bring you to the main screen, you then sign out of the hacked account and play the classic maps!! i will edit this post when i find a link to the full tutorial and where you can get the hacked account. *EDIT* here is a link to a video explaining everything! credit will go to muslimMODZ because his video is great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaFBcepqn8w LaFBcepqn8w
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