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  1. PSN: Griffin7987 I know!!! That's my username on here also?!?! Shocker...
  2. Yeah...I'll be watching gameplay for a week and then on Friday I'll be trying it out on my friend's 360!! Cause I have PS3. :x
  3. I think ray gun needs PhD flopper if it stops its splash damage. I don't mean to brag but if your a pro like me...You don't need Phd Flopper specifically for the Ray Gun because I don't shoot myself with the splash lol. I will however use Phd Flopper for what it does. (decreases explosive damage to you.)
  4. Right and since your using pistols your run 3x as fast since their weight isn't like that of a LMG. That's true, too. Pretty killer combo going on. Now that I think about it, you really don't need Speed Cola when you have M&S anyway, they reload in half a second. That'll save 3000 points I would usually use when I have the Thundergun. Yupp. I really appreciate TreyArch and all the other zombie map makers for inputing a ray gun into every single zombie map. Thundergun and ray gun on Kino is kick a$$! I was always waiting to PaP my pistol on Kino and Five but then I got really annoyed blowing myself up :geek:
  5. I'm thinking, The Gersch device (not sure if i spelled it correctly, whatever!) is only able to be given to one person that is playing. Sort of like the Thundergun. Only one player can recieve the thundergun of the mystery box. Also, it is possible that it teleports you to the box, PaP, or the beginning of the map. We shall soon see won't we? :shock:
  6. Right and since your using pistols your run 3x as fast since their weight isn't like that of a LMG.
  7. if that's true then that sucks Nah it's less than 24 hours until gameplay will be on youtube. Just think of something else instead of black ops :D
  8. Dude is there a vid where someone makes it to round 14??? i need link please :D
  9. Last night, I was playing Five with some friends of mine and I teleported to the PaP room... I went and upgraded my Ballistic Knife and then the wall turned on me. Then I said "What the ****, I hate when that ****ing happens." Lol, anyways, nothing happened afterwards. no easter egg, no nothing.
  10. Yeah well we'll just have to wait man...sucks but oh well. Guess we can watch gameplay for a month?!?! Lol next weekend I'm going over my friend's house to play it though so...yeah.
  11. the only vehicle capable of taking you up to the moon on this map would be the rocket since it is the only sealed vehicle, the lunar landings dont seal you in, some bars just raise. so you wouldnt have any air sadly, but hey maybe they could take you to the rocket which goes to the moon? Possibly... The Lunar Landers COULD take the players to the moon if it was going fast enough and they had to hold their breath. Or like you said: only the rocket. IDK haha.
  12. I just made an account on this site and I don't know if it has been posted anywhere else. Does anybody know if the Juggernog Perk will be in the zombie map Ascension? :shock:
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