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  1. *Shrug* i just feel like it fits the picture and is a good way to start it. With the end of the one who created them trying to stop it. Giving it a more helpless feel (which once you hit that point in zombies you really realize how hopeless it is but you still press on to try and save humanity I.e self preservation and human nature at its finest making this the best zombie "game" ive ever played) I vote when its all over treyarch releases all the maps on one single disk and makes it more story oriented instead of an extra (like you live till a certain round,or until all easter eggs or story line important things re found, and unlock the next map )
  2. So it can actually teleport you? cause im in a bet with my friend (whos a asshole) and hes so stubborn and thinks 'they cant possibly do that".
  3. it is neither. If you listen to the radio his last name is Zivorski (thats how it sounds to me)
  4. No. Maybe Richtofen tried to go back to prevent it but was foolish and got killed thus ending his story and starting the whole zombies story. Honestly. He maybe insane but if you look at it he wants to stop the zombies as much as, or even more than everyone else. Cause he started it. Had he not interfered with maxis and killed him and sam none of the zombies would have gotten out, well not by his hands anyway. He is slowly going mad with guilt and when he finds out that the teleporters are capable of time travel (kino) he goes back and tries to stop it but fails and doesn't tell himself thus starting the time perminant of zombies happening and him going back and dying which is why him dying cant possibly be out of the picture. Honestly it could answer the end of zombies. Everyone dying and richtofen with his last strength trying to go back and stop this so he doesn't die with the worlds blood on his hands but fails.
  5. I think we need to find a way to put power back in that generator (if its possible) and then after doing the luna way try doing hitsam or hyena the second time bringing up letters. IF its possible ^.^
  6. and according to the code written for the map thats been floating around all over this site
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