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  1. A tad point expensive, but good for 20+ Start at teleporter B, teleport when over run, walk up to C (going right out of the mainframe, and up by the FG. Shoot the horde as they fall down let them push you up towards the telporter. Run by the STG and drop off the side there, run up the catwalk stairs, then run back towards B via Trench Gun alley. Or if you don't want to dodge that much, Teleport from B, Teleport from A (optional), then teleport from C. Just keep running to teleporter, then shooting from it, teleporting when overun.
  2. Life's to short for stuff like this. If someone is bothering you, don't continue to associate or interact with them, just move on and ignore them. There is no point in flaming and trolling except to prove just how immature and ignorant you are that you are willing to pick a fight over practically nothing and go to any lengths just to argue, troll and flame. It's been almost a year since most of this between PTG and CODz has gone down, am I right? Isn't it a bit long to be trolling? It will be better for everyone once people can just let things die down. Peace 8-) EDIT: I just wanted to point out that this isn't directed at anyone in particular. Just me kinda ranting a little.
  3. My friends and I have had the same thought. (only WaW version btw) We made a crawler, opened everything, and tried to go over everything with a fine toothed comb. Anyway, we didn't find anything uber significant, although we were more focused on the Question Mark Rooms on the loading map. The only thing they seemed to have in common were papers and a few barrels. Even though I personally think that we have found most if not all of the bigger, more obvious easter eggs, I would still love to mess around with this theory and try to see what I can do. My only problem is that I'm not really sure how to go about this.
  4. If wouldn't be too bad if they didn't fly around at hyperspeed.
  5. Why would we fear the doors on Kino? Also, dog rounds have equal possibility to appear on Rounds 5-7 (5-9?). Personally I believe that it refers to the Nova 6 gas that the Nova crawlers are made of.
  6. So, we have all heard the discussion about whether or not there is a large easter egg on Kino Der Toten, right? Most theories involve the use of fuse boxes in a certain order, monkeys in the teleporter, and doing other random things in dog rounds. Could it be possible that we as a community have overlooked something as major as a Kino EE? The answer is no. We have already found all the easter eggs in Kino. While these eggs may seem unimportant, they are vital to the storyline and general atmosphere of the map. First, the paper under the stairwell was a bit tricky to find, and almost impossible to read unless you have a sniper rifle. It is almost identical to the paper found in the ceiling above the red jar/single spinal column jar in Der Riese, just with a different message and date. It has a diagram of an element or chemical, possibly Nova 6. Next is the second egg: The tiny paper on the box on top of the stage. An interesting little message about the effects of 115. Third: the writing on the wall. The names, Beware of the 6(referring to Nova Gas or Nova Crawlers), etc. Fourth, and personally the most interesting: the windows in the alley. One to the left of the window spawn near the chain-link gate, the other near the alley box spawn. When you look into them you get VERY low-def view of another room. And in one of the window's case, you get a nice, or not so nice, view of the portrait room. Fifth, you get the teleporter related Easter Eggs such as the rooms and the PaP Room. In the rooms you get tapes relating to the radios found throughout the map. In the Teddy Room (Day Time) you can see our four characters represented by little toys/figurines. Sixth, the screaming in the MP40 Room, although you can also hear in the bathroom hallway near the portrait room. And speaking of portraits, we have our mystery man. It could be a number of people, including people who may not have been introduced yet, but it may very well be the Mexican Subject introduced in the Call of the Dead Radio. Plus, we get the introduction of the Dreamland Theory via characters' quotes. And don't forget the musical Easter Egg. So do we really need a massive easter egg on top of that? There are easter eggs, just several small ones instead on one massive one. Just wanted to ramble for a bit. Thanks for reading. :)
  7. Dual Ray or Dual Waffe? So much overkill... Sweet, bloody overkill.... Anyway, dual Ray Guns because I still kinda fear the Juggernog glitch with the Waffe.
  8. No and Never. If I wanted a space game, I'd play Halo.
  9. Everyone is new to the game at some point or another, just give them some time. Noobtubers can just go die. About campers, I don't really care as long as they just don't sit in a corner inside a building with an Assault Rifle or Shotgun. Then again, I don't really see the problem... You know where they're at, so flashbang/grenade/nova/Rambo your way in there until they're dead. Or better yet, if you can't get to them... ... Go around. :)
  10. Could it be possible that there is no passwords yet? That maybe the next map pack, if there is one, will give us the password?
  11. I like Cliffside better, it was a little bit easier to hide myself when sniping, and easier to escape or sneak up on people when running with other guns. Both maps are very nice though.
  12. Thanks, we have trouble getting a 4th person for longer then about half a match, so we tend to modify things to fit 3 people. In Numa, we've been camping in that hut with the ramp up to it (fishing hut maybe?) with one person in the front, two in the back. On Verruckt, we've turned on the power from the American side, opening up the MP40 area, but no further on the German side. One in the window, two in the front. These strategies have gotten us to early 20s, but doesn't seem to work past that. Will be sure to try some of these mentioned.
  13. I've been looking around and it's hard to find a strategy that will work for four people past about Round 20 on these maps. There isn't really any good circuits that I know of on these maps. Does any one have an idea of what to run on these maps in later Rounds?
  14. Vallkure

    Best LMG?

    M60's a bit better than the Stoner for me. Awesome range, accuracy is manageable with the grip, extended mags gives it 200 to one clip. I run the Stoner a lot in TDM though.
  15. Vallkure

    Best pistol?

    I like the use the CZ when I do use a pistol, but until I unlock it I use dual M1911s
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