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    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    Life's to short for stuff like this. If someone is bothering you, don't continue to associate or interact with them, just move on and ignore them. There is no point in flaming and trolling except to prove just how immature and ignorant you are that you are willing to pick a fight over practically nothing and go to any lengths just to argue, troll and flame. It's been almost a year since most of this between PTG and CODz has gone down, am I right? Isn't it a bit long to be trolling? It will be better for everyone once people can just let things die down. Peace 8-) EDIT: I just wanted to point out that this isn't directed at anyone in particular. Just me kinda ranting a little.
  2. Vallkure

    dual weild ray guns or dual weild wunderwaffs

    Dual Ray or Dual Waffe? So much overkill... Sweet, bloody overkill.... Anyway, dual Ray Guns because I still kinda fear the Juggernog glitch with the Waffe.
  3. Vallkure

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Could it be possible that there is no passwords yet? That maybe the next map pack, if there is one, will give us the password?
  4. Vallkure

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I'll be traveling with the antidote to treat your injured. I'll be bringing all the medical supplies I can carry with me. If you can restrain your infected, I will be able to try to cure them using Avenged's antidote.
  5. Vallkure

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Radioing in to Captain Storm, I have enough medical supplies that I can assist in taking care of your injured if you give me permission to do so.
  6. Vallkure

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I was able to explore the local streets today. I ripped off a few of the metal storm grates to make our barricades stronger. Only came across a few Infected, but my MG took care of them.
  7. Vallkure

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Hmm... I buy 1/2 lbs of 115 for some dried meat and 50 rounds of MG ammo?
  8. Vallkure

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Survivor requesting entrance into your little corner of the earth. I have an MG42 and I found a dog along the way. I can do pretty much anything, but I guess you guys could use a medic.
  9. Vallkure

    The Roof

    Honestly, I don't think that the Nova Crawlers or the Silver-back busted holes in the roof. I don't think the crawlers would be strong enough or big enough to tear holes in the building (Even if the building is decayed and near collapse). And I just feel like the Silver-back would be more aggressive (not staying on the roof the whole time) about it if that's what was up there. I'm not entirely sure what's up there, it could just be that the electricity attracted whatever zombies that weren't all ready there and their numbers in general are tearing up the roof.
  10. I'll play a couple rounds on WaW to see if I can find something out. I remember that they had a few names for each other, but only one or two names were referenced, but they did talk. I'll see if I can get a full lobby.
  11. Vallkure

    Next wonder weapon idea

    I don't care how unlikely or overpowered this thing is, but I want to see a gun, similar to a shotgun... Whatever zombie gets hit with it's blast goes crazy and attacks other zombies for a short time. Make your own minions.
  12. Vallkure

    Where do YOU want the next zombies map?

    I like the Arctic base idea. Maybe a Die Glocke style teleporter for easy transportation. After all there were three in Der Riese. One is in Kino. What happened to the other two?
  13. Vallkure

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    The sometimes random changes in brightness when you look at things, usually outside, kinda gives it a dream like feel. Might just be my PS3's graphics though, what system are you all playing on?
  14. Vallkure

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Just did it, heard the weird creaking noises and everything. But could the scream be coming from behind? Like from the glowing window?
  15. Vallkure

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    The overturned table right beside the box? I sit in between the box and table when the dogs come. I haven't really heard anything, but I have heard the Zap and seen the light dim and brighten. I think I can hear some kinda strange sounds by that upstairs tunnel/portrait room. It's faint and I can't make it out/hear it half of the time. I'm afraid it might just be some background music or something.

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