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  1. I would definitely be getting the hardend edition of the black ops 2 :D
  2. Alot! of people still play MW2, even me. Every time I get on live on MW2 there is always a game that i join then gets its limited people in ( roughly) 10 slow secs. I don't have any of the map packs because the maps never get boring (to me).
  3. Everytime a multiplayer game starts I go for the sides of the map to sneak round and get them were they wouldn't expect to get killed from :D
  4. Ant u sick of modders like flying in the skies and being bullet proof :evil: :evil: !!! And takeing over [email protected] i can barely play one online [email protected] game without a cheating modder cause they can't kill us (nonmodders) so they become a modder cause they are sick of being killed so TO STOP THEM :twisted: !! Report everyone u see in a game then [email protected] will be much better!!! :shock:
  5. why not? i had to delete my info in the big box cause i put something about blackops in Waw section
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