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  1. Um.. To me the ice symbol looks more like the sight of the 31-79 JGb215. The little doll thingy.
  2. Um... Pretty sure they were for most of WWII. :facepalm:
  3. Um.. Takeo's on the right. And that doesn't look like Richtofen on the left... Maybe the new character rumor's true? I could be wrong, though. Lol.
  4. If the map is based off of Executive Order, I hope it gets to be a mix of Five and SNN. The way you get out of the building and the outside where you start the mission. I would find that epically fun.
  5. Well during WWII Russia and Germany were allies for a little more than half of the war. So, Nikolai might still consider Germans allies. Just saying.
  6. I'm just saying it sounds far fetched and asking for proof. Don't get mad.
  7. Videos or fake. Just saying it sounds kinda far fetched.
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