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  1. That's what I'm trying to tell these guys, but they're so stubborn and sarcastic! There is a very low possibility this was put in by purpose!
  2. OK, so that means the max ammo has nothing to do with it. Did you see my post with the picture of why Kentucky got 110? He shot a zombie and I have a pic of when they were going up the stairs. THe zombie was on the left. The post is a little bit up at the top of the page. So it proves the door shooting theory wrong. Yes i think we know that they said that in the other 3 videos they made. I'm saying that because before in this thread all these people were asking how they got those points. Wow. Why are you so sarcastic? I'm just trying to help. :facepalm:
  3. Fake, so many people are trolling for attention and they're so GENERAL and never release something because they "want us to use our mind" and because "it's so easy, just think about it". I seriously hope that this easter egg is finished before a flame war starts. I, for one, think this easter egg ended with the DMs. I don't know why people are so determined and gullible. These fake people's fanbases are mostly made up of those 10 yr old kids on online zombies who thankfully don't have mics most of the time. Interesting note: He spelled the gamertag wrong each time, I think he meant to say Spartacus.
  4. OK, so that means the max ammo has nothing to do with it. Did you see my post with the picture of why Kentucky got 110? He shot a zombie and I have a pic of when they were going up the stairs. THe zombie was on the left. The post is a little bit up at the top of the page. So it proves the door shooting theory wrong.
  5. I watched the video . I am grounded so I can't try it. Also, in that video, someone else did it and you didn't. I can see that this glitch has happened to him, but I need pics to believe it. If this "glitch" can be reproduced, then it is either something put in by purpose or it is still a glitch that has been overlooked. What I think out of my medium knowledge in coding is this: I = Possible Investigation Overall, I suggest we should review the video and try replicating this. I hope you guys try this out because being grounded sucks -.-. Why don't spoilers work?
  6. Where's the proof that you tested it? You didn't make a video or post a picture, all we have is your word. I think it's probably just a glitch that you guys are making a big deal out of because you hope there is another part. I think there isn't another step because this anti-climactic easter egg was probably Treyarch's way of telling us to stop looking so hard into it and have fun. EDIT: Proof that the 110 points was a zombie. See that thing by the staircase? A crawler died and respawned as a runner and Knetucky got a body shot and a headshot on him
  7. Fake and gay, they're doing this just to get views. If they had done it, then they would be recording and not make a stupid video with a stagnant background. They never go into specifics, and do you know how HARD it is to get ALL of those weapons at the same time in 2, 3, or 4 player? Each time you get a wonder weapon, the chances for getting the others are decreased. So it would be virtually impossible to get ALL of the wonder weapons. And they are so general. They don't go into specifics. Now let me ask you: if you knew how to finish the easter egg and had recorded it or had recording equipment and knew how to do it, wouldn't you post a video with GAMEPLAY of finishing the easter egg and putting a huge title called: ASCENSION YURI EASTER EGG FINISHED! But these guys did even harder work (yes, it is harder to make a video like that than record gameplay) and made a non-specific "walkthrough" for the easter egg. Does it make sense? NO. I'm not blaming you, but don't believe playthegameco. :facepalm:
  8. All you're making these rumors for is for BRAINS. Where are the files that show the map names? Tell me so I can check. Where's your proof? Also, notice he did not post after he got brains. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. I've seen so many threads about this crap, and all these people are mistaken that mp_cairo is zombie_cairo. . Go do some research. BBS is correct. You guys just hear a rumor and start spreading it everywhere. There is no zombie_cairo . And where is that forum link you were talking about? That's what I thought.
  10. Please stop posting threads about this. There is no proof of a zombie_cairo because there isn't one.
  11. It is named Dr. Flopper for all intensive purposes. I think they did a good job of using PhD and not Dr. because it's the same play on words without going right in with another Dr soda. If I was Xieon PhD, I'd also be Dr. Xieon. Therefore it's Dr. Flopper, a play of Dr. Pepper, just like StampinUp if supposed to be 7up Or it could be master of diving or falling, which means maybe dive farther or jump higher? Maybe to get to new spots? After all, it's on Ascension, which means "to get higher". Maybe secret spots or the PaP machine are only available when you have that perk? IDK, my theory.
  12. I'm not sure what the perks are but I think its obvious that: StaminUp (stamina, up) is 7UP and PhD Flopper is Dr. Pepper Ummm...this has already been posted. But nice input on the names! Didn't realize that until now!
  13. The info is given in a joking way using "Ummm...what?" and other jokes, so I agree with you. But what they said sounded pretty official with the name of that new weapon "Der Gersche" or whatever. I think the perks sound made-up. I mean, CoDz could have done a better job. There was a thread way back with pretty cool perk names. Seriously? PhD Flopper? That makes no sense, unless they meant "Flunker". Also I heard there was a thread back before First Strike where people were talking about the exact same stuff like Matryoshka dolls and teleportation and gravity devices they wanted in Ascension. Maybe IGN got it from there and decide to play with us? I seriously hope the lame perk names are fake.
  14. Definition of "flop" from dictionary.com: 1: to swing or move loosely : flap 2: to throw or move oneself in a heavy, clumsy, or relaxed manner 3: to change or turn suddenly 4: to go to bed 5: to fail completely Sounds like it makes you have a floppy dick :shock:...with a PhD
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