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  1. Actually its probably nothing to do with zombies, I just googled it and turns out it was in mw2. So its unlikely it has anything to do with zombies, however it would be nice to know what it meant.
  2. Well i for one noticed something a while back. I initially thought it was the combination for the dials, but turned out I was wrong. On the tube next to the lever you pull for the igniting the gas part of the easter egg, there is an inscription on one of the brackets which holds the tube in place, and it is easiest seen through a scope, from the statue side. The inscription, in my opinion reads: 08310C (or 083100, I am not quite sure.) Anyway, what could this mean? Perhaps it is some relevant date, however I googled, but nothing happened on that date around that era, and treyarch seems to pick things which are partially based in fact.
  3. He says: "The vril generator will be mine! And then there is only one more thing I need! Hahahahaha" So, unless the one more thing was the focussing it appears stone or something on the final map, treyarch are going to be dbags and drag the story on even further, as a fifth dlc zombies map would be unlikely. And thank you ghost mayhem, i i knew how to (think its give brains on here?) i would.
  4. yeah that sounds right thanks. And obviously, its richtofen.
  5. So here's the thing. The other day, we completed the shangri la easter egg, and were experimenting to understand what the 7 perks did. For those who dont know, completing the easter egg gives a player all 7 perks, which are permanent and are active even wihle downed. But anyway, through lagging out and dieing, the game ended, and I think I heard a secret messsage, however i only heard random segments since everyone was talking loudly. If anyone is willing to do the easter egg, message me on xbl ( Vuvuzela Goblin), or alternatively, do the easter egg oon your own and note yourr findings. Thanks.
  6. There's nothing wrong with camping. I'm just saying that it won't get you ad far as the running tactic. And it initially was, I was merely pointing out how perks don't have to be very realistic, because otherwise they would be crap.
  7. Well flopper is very useful, but either way, quick repair wouldn't be that useful. And running around is what you should do btw, camping is very limited in terms of how far you can get. Even before call of the dead where treyarch shat all over it by introducing george.
  8. Zombies isn't meant to be hyper realistic Yes there are some laws which mean that perks such as flying are unrealistic, but perks are designed to help combat problems which players who make it to the later rounds experience in exchange for points and one of your buyable perk slots. The perks aren't meant to make you survive indefinitely, just help. which is why a perk which gives additional magazines each round would be a good perk, and can be balanced quite easily. After all, who would choose faster barrier repair over one of the big five? You can only choose four perks, so new perks have to be strong choices. After the major three (juggernog flopper and staminup) you would only have one choice left, and the new perk would have to beat the strong choices of quick revive and speed cola.
  9. The Ammo-Matic was going to be a perk machine. I know, but it was removed because it was feared that it would be overpowered. I was merely suggesting an appropriate way to balance it.
  10. Dear Treyarch. I understand that you did not include the ammo mattic machine, as you feared that it would be overpowered. However having it as a perk like so should balance it. The perk, Ammo-ade or whatever you like, would be a more expensive perk, and as a result at the start of each round you would get an extra magazine for each of your guns for free, in the same way that you do for claymores and grenades. This can also work for the tactical grenades aswell.
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