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  1. lol Nice bro it also looked like everyone 'cept for you was laggin like crap
  2. Okay, so I was playing Solo Ascension Round 23. I made a crawler so I could go re-buy Speed Cola and rebuild some barriers, Then I started messing with the crawler for abit(I was on the other side of the fire-trap by the PaP) So I was just staring at the crawler, then from like 20 feet away from me, I downs me! O.o Ending the whole game.... ANY IDEA ON HOW THAT HAPPENED?!
  3. I can't really give ya a strategy, because for some reason everytime I get the Pentagon Thief round, He gets stuck in the main teleporter :| *We can still shoot him and kill him easily* So I don't really play that map much because of that, sure Bonfire Sales are good, but we can only get 3 per match and Its not much of a challenge anymore =/ .
  4. Ah, I think I had somewhat the same problem. I did the fuse, generators, vodka, dials, and the radios. Then the submarine came up, so we went on to the foghorns. I'm think we did them incorrectly but the green beam light wasn't showing up, so I checked to see if the submarine was there still and it was gone. About 2 or 3 rounds passed and I messed with the levers and wheel for a awhile( I couldn't do anything with them because they were stuck in place), checked the lighthouse dials for correction, then checked the submarine again and it came back up. We attempted the foghorns again, in the same order we did before the sub went down, and got the green light! What I'm thinking is that the foghorns sometimes change order so I just keep trying the same order until the submarines signal gets it at the order I want it to be. *Honestly, I'm not sure if this solved your problem, but I hope it atleast helped ^^*
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