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  1. a perk that allow you to push away multiple zombies(but when pushing multiple zombies away makes it so u need to recover in order to knife again) and allows u to knife faster if there is only 1 or 2 zombies near you . the perk color would be pink cuz it hasnt been chosen yet and it would be called pink bull
  2. every COD4 map cept wetworks and shipment for black ops i like jungle, summit, havana, cracked, launch, and hanoi WaW maps are every map that has americans and japanese (including all the map pack) cept makin i like Asylum and upheaval MW2 maps are all of em cept karachi, rust, and wasteland
  3. when pack a punching on kino with takeo "consequences WILLLL NEEVAA be the same"
  4. no? if it wernt for grey matter or spark unlimited we wouldnt hve any COD games
  5. arnt you able to use the TDempsey TMasaki, NBelinski Samantha Sophia and Peter usernames?
  6. Just because rictofen said it really fast doesn't mean it was rictofen in the picture. Think of this, one thing TAKEO says when you hit the action button on the blank painting is "A fallen ally yes, but might possibly come again!" Treyarch LOVES to use foreshadowing when it comes to the story of zombies. Going back to what Takeo said, this means that the person in the blank painting might make an appearance. Now rictofen said the quote above like he was trying to hide the person in the blank painting's existance. But who would he want to hide and why? 2 people come to mind, Maxis and Samantha. He would want to hide maxis because it would expose his experiment 935 plans. He would want to hide samantha's existance probably because if the heroes found out about him teleporting a little girl, for the sole reason that he wouldn't hesitate on teleporting the heroes far away. But the painting obviously doesn't look like a little girl. So the painting leads to Maxis and the character quotes point to maxis making an appearance. It's just my thoughts and theories. They aren't always correct. it could be sgt. roebuck since you see his pic in the map "Five" and he is the one originaly supposed to die unless you save him
  7. Nope, this is 12 days, Kings of carnage made zombie bells. if youve heard all of em they made 12 days also and deck the halls and rictofen told the story twas the night before christmas
  8. um didnt the kings of carnage already make something like this? you know the nazi zombie characters

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