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  1. Either way, im still waiting for a pokemon to pop out. lol and even if the maps are before DR, that doesnt mean that the outbreak hasnt happened before the time you play it. by the time the marines get to the asylum, dr could have already gone to hell with maxis and sam. im still trying to understand now, are the time lines supposed to be the time they are in physical time, or the order you play them, or both? and most sites i go to feel that the chalkboard in call is month/year due to the fact that many more countries use the Little endian forms rather than Big endian forms or Middle endian forms of date notation. and it would add more to the time jumper theory of overshoot, undershoot. if thats the case, then the order played would be the order that the events happen (as in sl tak mentions the landers, and to explain why they arent as messy, old nikki mentions having taken a bath for first time in long time, which could also account for the change in clothing.)
  2. So, then the order that the black ops maps are the same order for the timeline? dont remember if this was thrown out or anything, but i was reading through some dialoge scripts and when playing the old maps, someone says something about the time machine backtracking to the future. i think it was DR, but not positive on map. would that mean that the crew were sent back again, or just some random bs i found?
  3. i do believe it is month/day not day/year or month/year format. I dont know about other countries, but here in the US, we do it by month day format since in most cases the year is already known/implied during filming. Ive never seen the boards use the year on there, since there is little space to write much more. Im going to go slightly away from the cotd radios and back to numa.... i thought i saw something, or heard something about the numa meteor being part of the Tunguska event, in which case, would put numa in russia right? Which does make sense if its near japan, as they did do a major push into asia. "In the Shi No Numa map the word "Tunguska" can be found written through the window of the hut you see on the left when you exit the main building through storage hut door. Also, if you turn on all three radios in the starting room, the coordinates for the explosion are heard." paraphrased from wiki, i dont know the tunguska events coordinates to try to refute the "area 51" coordinates theory though. i did find them, and dont know what the radios were, so i didnt save them.
  4. Slave

    Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    You mean like how SMG's Dive grunt was different? and as for a water weapon, do you not know your elements? okay, basic chemistry..... Ice is water.... but cold..... really cold..... when ice melts, it becomes water..... So yeah, we have had water.(winter fury and winter is associated with water and ice) air(thundergun,) then technically the next two would be earth and fire.... so, if you think about it, the dg 2 or wunderwaffe or waffle iron as i like to call it, could be either.... (edit again.... ) would lava count as fire or earth? cause that fire zom looks like the terminator fell in lava, and still got out..... and i say that it could be earth or fire for two reasons. one, it is powered by a rock. element 115 to be exact, which if you remember Numa, electrified the water. But you never needed to change the ammo. what you were changing were basically like a fuse, or transistor. thats the earth reason. reason two, for fire, is because... now this is nerdy... has anyone watched the cartoon avatar? in that series, the firebenders could manipulate lightning, not the air,earth or waterbenders. now, for adult time, Lightning and its association with fire is based in many cultures. The norse considered fire from lightning bolts a sign that thor was angry and showing his dissatisfaction. the greeks(EDIT* MESSED UP HERE started typing second half in other post i had up...lol ) (EDIT* REBOOTED MY SECOND PART)to my knowledge so do the greeks "Prometheus cared more for man than for the wrath of the increasingly powerful and autocratic king of the gods, so he stole fire from Zeus' lightning, concealed it in a hollow stalk of fennel, and brought it to man" fire, from Zeus's Lightning.....(BTW random thought, but Zeus's Lightning would be a BADASS name for a gun). so then what we need is more of a earth gun.... (was browsing wiki to double check my elements and found new fact.)UNLESS THEY ARE PLAYING BY THE FIVE ELEMENT SYSTEM NOT THE FOUR >. which means there would be the fifth element called Quintessence(known as AETHER in greece) the random fact i read: "In classical thought, the four elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire frequently occur; sometimes including a fifth element or quintessence (after "quint" meaning "fifth") called Aether in ancient Greece and India." insnt shangrila near or in the india area? yes it is.... if you look at an older map, india had loads of sections of the H. mountains where shangri la is supposedly located. which could mean(as much as i dislike the thought in this) that maybe there would be another map. i said i dont believe it in different posting, but if the gun in this uses aether, then that would mean earth is still open for grabs..... unless..... does cold hard lead count as earth? by how i feel about these: so, maybe earth: bullet guns, water: winters howl, fire: Waffle Iron, wind:thundergun, and then the quintessence weapon? sorry for how jumbled it is.... was up at 11am, worked 4 till 1130pm and posted this at 204am. and i just kept typing since all these connections were spilling outta my brain. didnt want to forget something as i typed
  5. Slave

    GK seen in the new Ascension Icon??

    has anyone tried viewing this with an filters or such? maybe there is an overlay, and if you can remove the original picture from the new, there will be something there? like how the program broken wall does overlays, but reversed. am sense i making?
  6. Slave

    if there is no secret tunnel...

    so, i was wondering, how many people ever realize that just because treyarch has said that there was an underground passage, that it doesnt mean that there is a SECRET about it. there are two obvious underground passages in it that i have seen, not counting the zed tunnels. does anyone know what an underground passage is? its a passage where the ground is above you. one is right next to the begining, after the first boat, and the second would be the ice slide area. i mean, those are two places that are considered passages of a sort and they are both underground. just because someone says something in the game, doesnt mean it has to be hidden or hard to find. as for the lightening.... has no one ever heard of frankenstein or his monster? When that monster was brought to life Dr. F needed a jolt of lightening to bring the power of life to it. Frankensteins monster was taller than most men as well. if you watch the cutscene, romero is about normal height to the other chars. but once zombified, hes abnormally big and strong. like the monster of Frankenstein. so my theory, since hes a unique zed, and is big like F's monster, he needs that extra energy boost to reanimate and power the light weapon he uses.
  7. Slave

    if there is no secret tunnel...

    slightly off topic now, arent we? :D
  8. It could be as simple as the Ray Gun, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, the Thundergun, and the Gersch Devices. And now with the golden rod, Richtofen only needs one more item... The Wonder Weapons? I don't know. The Golden Rod is an Artifact than a weapon. As to what the other Items were that he took from the other maps is not known. The Gersch Device might be one of the Items. Again, this is just a theory. Only way to know is when the next map comes out. The Vril Rod (or golden Rod) is a item of unlimited power. In theory it could be a major component in the VR-11 (look at the rod and the gun, they are simillar in shape and such) and could be the true source of power in it, therefore meaning that the vril rod has weaponization applications. And before you try to debunk the rod as a potential power source for the gun, think of the ammo cartriges, not as power cells, but as a medium with which to hit the zed with. Much like how a true Railgun electrifies and magnitizes a metal slug and accelerates it. the ammo is not the source of propulsion. If you want, we could also say the Gersch isnt a weapon, as it was more of a concievable idea for a portable teleporter, and in fact does tele the crew when jumped into, as well as the monkeys. Zed are the only things that are destroyed in it. EDIT* i still count it as one of the six.
  9. Slave

    if there is no secret tunnel...

    Easy to solve as to how he raises from the water. After all, other Zed raise in various ways from the ground, so why cant george raise from the ground in a special way since hes new?
  10. Slave

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Since you mention the Eye, now all i can see is a freaking Reaverbot from megaman legends 1 and 2 laying on its side, where black is the shoulders and the green is the head. you may say that its too detailed to be anything insignificant, but there are so many games out there where you take four layers of textures and you can get images from them. ICO and Shadow of the Collossus were two games that did just that for many people, and my clan the SLBS(seekers of the last big secret, dont worry its a Ico and SOTC reference) lost many a year deciphering useless nonsense about such things. So, in my opinion, its just another useless thing that is meant to throw a devout seeker off of the trail to the true secrets.

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