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  1. What he said. What they said. What you said when you said what they said.
  2. Haha yeah we should, ino its easier but im still proud i took heaps of breaks and paused it and stuff lol. I reckon with 2 ppl i can do it aslong as someone is patient because the person with the thundergun with be surviving past 30 + and the other will be dieing a fair bit because at round 50 it took 16 ray gun bullets for one zombie :/ lol and i would have gotten past 17 lol -__- best on kino is 35 with 3
  3. haha yeah it was kinda getting boring but i had nothing else to do ! Lol yeah my strategy was the rape train, but without the frags because after 30 + frags do shit all haha, i was circling around the lunar lander where the phd flopper is and yeah, i never really ran out of ammo, i was just gather all of them and a either use a gersch device, or 1 blast from the zeus cannon.
  4. I wouldve been 17th in the world if it counted lol :(
  5. Hey guys, just letting you know im on round 50 solo atm, and just got my max ammo, unfortuantely no more revives tho ill keep you's posted and upload a few pics later. EDIT:
  7. 35 with 2 players, couldve kept going but died stupidly haha

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