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  1. once u get the death machnes every1 needs to go to the door behind quick revive and shoot the chain and lock.
  2. To me the maps suck because there is no variety, spawning is horrible, guns all sound the same, zombies is to hard that its not even fun to play anymore, sniping is dead, and overall the game is just getting boring. If these problems get fixed then I might continue playing but at this point im just done with the game. MW2 with all its problems was more entertaining. Its maps were 10 times better. And WaW was my all time faviorite cod even with its few problems. and I just want to make it clear that I NEVER CAMP. Just because i dont like this game dosent mean that im a camping, Quick scoping, noob tubing, infinaty ward fan boy.
  3. Sorry fluffy, but you need to be in that certain user group. I can change the text but not the border. But however I can update it with the newer silver one. Sorry! k ill take the silver border wit red letters! thanx
  4. I believe that Maxis is the theif, but since the dogs teleport, maxis randomly teleports and steals your gun because maybe he fells ur stealing his creations?(raygun, freeze gun,ect.)
  5. Ima nominate Grafiti cuz hes been very polite since i joined. ANd he made us cool avatars!
  6. Srry bother u but can u plz make my border and lettering red??Thanx!
  7. No problem. I tried making it work with a running hellhound but it just wasn't working for me. Brains maybe? [brains] s for u man!!!!
  8. Any way I can get this pic http://watchoutmovies.com/wp-content/up ... 547-26.jpg With Fluffy somewhere on it? THANX!!1
  9. looks cool but doesn't dempsey have blond hair?? And it would be worth the price if they made a small replica of a map.
  10. Rictofens on the wall next to it, but then who could the blank person be??? :shock:
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