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  2. 3 dolls that look like the characters each onemust be found by the likness, idk what they do when u find all of them, we were one short. the black hole teleports u no monkeys(the black whole bomb does that new power up: bottle,gives u a perk(after monkey round to all of u who are confused about the rocket: do all 3 landers, go to the power room and activate the button next to the power switch about landers, they will randomly crash when a monkey round starts, like fall from the sky i could not find juggers the voice is different in the beginning for each character the bears i found were at the lander pad by the rocket and at the power box,they arent hard to find, just look up. the map is on the back of the lander computers. you can be killed if ur on the edge of the geforece thing. in the begging maxis talks about "her"perhaps sam Nicolai has a sister who as he says is a bitch and makes matroshikia dolls the pap doesnt look the same to me the song is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bevws2UDtpw (from Kevin Sherwoods's channel) yep that's all i know
  3. well i had a thread about this but since posting"leaked material" (which could be concluded anyway) makes people flip a bitch i can only say i am speculativly* going to say yes *note the sepcuulativeness
  4. can we have all 6 perks at the same time?
  5. if they did the moon thing it would be east to program just have a door close sequence and then 54321 lift off then cut to black then 3 days later text, then ur on a gray moon texture in a climate box w/the pack a punch. really easy to do
  6. or perhaps the pap is sputnik. like the rocket puts you in orbit w/ sputnik like a whole docking and stuff. except sputnik was small right?
  7. well it could be jimmy neutron physics... just sayin
  8. i think the artifact is either: piece of 115 alien ( or tech) teddy time machine/teleporter( being that Richthofen came down on the lunar lander not the teleporter. (ps) i there is a pc leak i will play it for the codz community if provided the dl link also this is defidantly not the reupped leaked video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeFnjqj-z-I
  9. he said nothing about repairing. he said something like" the powers off i could probably build a new generator with all the spar parts.", then when the power is turned on the announcer voice thing says power activated auxiliary power failure which leads me to believe that we will have to use our inventory to find the missing parts of the generator so Richthofen can build one.
  10. did anybody else notcie that when the gersh device was thrown that another player dolphin dives into it and dissapeared?
  11. yeah um i dont have it... are u guys east coast?
  12. its post 1975 cyz in the rocket room, pack a punch room, and dentist room there is a peace of paper regarding sarin and tabun gas, dated 1975. sounles they brought that back with them. in the pack a punch room it is located nrxt to the picture of the crawler above the desk
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