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  1. Thanks this is exactly why I came here!
  2. I don't think it is what zombies will be called either, I think it will be just "Zombies" and Dead Ops Will be a different, new Zombie mode with actual goals other than stay alive as long as you can. Like others have mentioned before kinda like special ops and zombies combined. JD_2020 has hinted around that there is another coop not announced yet, so this would make sense. I bet it will be like Zombies when it first came out and they will surprise you with it after you beat the game or something. Again this is just my theory, but it seems to make sense. :shock:
  3. Can someone analyze the sound, it sounds like voices in the background.
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    Thanks all you the welcome!
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    Nice to meet ya!
  6. Hi all, I am new posting here but I just wanted to post my finding on the gamestop pan pic, if you zoom in to the town on the right about in the top middle just under the very top part of the town there is a house that has something on the roof: BYR877 I dont know what it means but I just wanted to point that out. *Edit*: Upon reading this is one of 25 code, for what I dont know Found another: QQ2245 XAC786 I found the terms and it was a contest that already ended, whoops
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