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  1. I just thought, Dead Ops, is a zombie campaign. OK hear me out... In Dead Ops you are a military unit in the post [email protected] zombies world. The zombies were teleported around the globe from Der Riese, (Eiffle Tower, Big Ben, Light House?) You and your squad have to erradicate the infestation one city at a time. Different maps on the walls of Der Riese, different missions in Black Ops. You are playing in a civilian facility obviously in GKNOVA6 and are shooting civilians, scientists and POLICE OFFICERS (WTF?). Yes they were seen in the video. As for the Cosmic Silverback I have absolutly no Idea, but for the "Coins" that you have to put into the Dead Ops Arcade; I'm guessing that in the mission you earn "Coins" and spend them on stuff, since that concept is big in this game. Well, thats my two cents. :P
  2. Eco_Maiden, good job, I have seen that and it was injteresting! When chat is back up, you can join me.
  3. I like how you saw that little console at the bottem with the green leds. I thouht I was the only person to notice that! I agree, that is a 9, and not a 0 and that it could be a channel of some kind, wether it be radio or something else. I think that the way the little green lights are a pattern or a code that relates to the sight (obviously). Well, keep working and I'll try to help with your research and continue mine!
  4. Howdy, I'm Ed_Richtofen, named after my favorite character in Nazi Zombies! I'm from the United States and Treyarch fanboy. I play xbox, am a hard core Nazi Zombie mercenary and like long walks on the beach. jk. Anyways, I'm here to research the zombie back story and get ready for Black Ops, because I missed out on alot of cool stuff with [email protected] My gamertag is MONTE246, so hit me up if you want to play zombies, please only message me if you play legit and are not noobs! I only play like the best with the best! Co-Op: Nacht Der Untoten: lvl 28, legit (with my origional Nazi zombies team) Verruct: lvl 28, legit (with 3 people and a laggy connection) Shi No Numa: lvl 52, legit Der Riese: lvl 48, legit (with random kids and no mic. yea I carried them.) Lone Wolf: Nacht Der Untoten: lvl 18 Verruct: lvl 15 Shi No Numa: lvl 20 Der Riese: lvl 24 (NO GLITCHES/MODS) Also, I'm not a little kid and I'm not just here to flame and brag, I'm really good, so Carbon don't be afraid to play zombies with me. 8-)
  5. Ok, I have found several "new" things on GKNOVA6. These include, certain characters (#,2,T), (not Takeo) in the videos, also the numbers 47(0/9/6)93 can be seen around the webpage several times meaning that they obviously are important. And finally, at the bottem you can see a pannel with dim and lit lights (green), this sequence could be very important, and could be a code or pattern. I need help, especially because chat is down! I need people who are dedicated, and who have the know how to manipulate the video in order to slow it down or do a frame by frame per say, so we can further analyze the heck out of this.
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