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  1. Sam could be dead, ghost, imagination, alive. Noone knows for sure. Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo were tested on at Der Riese by Dr Maxis and Edward Richtofen. They were the only test subjects immune to Element 115 and teleportation, anyone/anything else teleported was zombified/killed. Dempsey is forgetting stuff because he, Nikolai and Takeo were brainwashed after being tested on. Richtofen was Maxis' Assistant. Maxis was the head of group 935. Richtofen initionally worked for the illuminati and worked at group 935 as a double agent so he could do the illuminati dirty work by killing Maxis (unknown why) Richtofen worked at Der Riese before zombie outbreak. Knew Maxis and Maxis' daughter Samantha. He is also responsible for both of their deaths. He helped create the zombies and the first Hellhound, Fluffy (Samanthas dog).
  2. Kay, Ascension I now out, and I've already seen some good Easter eggs, and these could be some possible passwords/username Gersch Gersh (Achievement spelling) Gersch Device Gersh Device matryoshka matryoshka doll(s) Yuri Kravchenki (Unsure on spelling) Ascension Thunder Thundergun Project Thunder Project Mercury Mercury Luna/Lunar Landers Space rocket monkey Sickle "Having Fun?!" (Almost like Samanthas trademark quote) Abracadavre I know it's a lot and this is a DER RIESE server, but the Ascension group knew about Der Riese, and have information about them (Yuri even has a diary written by one of Group 935's members including info on element 115). This information they have is likely to be stored on a computer, a terminal.
  3. Trace back to Nacht der Untoten - "you thought they were dead, you were wrong..." could be anyone. Literally anyone. Who said it would be a PLAYABLE character? It's probably a sign of a new character being introduced to the storyline. I think it will be patient 2-6. 1. He is mentioned in a quote by Richtofen - "you remind me of patient 2-6! Exept you scream less when I stab things in you!" 2. The radios on Kino orientate around him, the tests on him etc. 3. Richtofens portrait is bigger, the Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and anonamous' portraits are same size. Meaning the blank portrait has something in common with Takeo, Tank and Nikolai. They were ALL test subjects. 4. Whether he's alive or dead, he still could be of relevant importance, Like Maxis, hea presumed dead yet it's crucial for the storyline. Also, we think Patient 2-6 is dead, we COULD be wrong.... ;)
  4. Another way you can tell it's fake because look at the second picture. 1. All the things seen can be reused from previous maps/pics (Teddy Shadow - Der Riese, Ascend from darkness - Nacht Der Untoten, and obviously zombies from all maps). Why would treyarch reuse old map features (chalk writing, Teddy)? 2. If it ain't official, it's bull. 3. This might not be the case for some maps, but you RARELY find an indoor area on a zombie map with loads of room, one of the purposes is to make it harder, but if you need room, go outside (Shi No Numa, Der Riese)
  5. I've always wondered what it said, and can't exactly help you (not good with Japanese and no audio tech :S sorry! ) but I hope you guys or someone would find out. I hope it actually says something cool, otherwise that'd be pretty bad :/.
  6. When you posted "Nacht Der Untoten - German - Takes place in Germany etc.." did you not think "Ascension - English - England?" for all we know on that evidence it could be in any English speaking country. Based on that, who's ruling out Australia? I have done many many many posts believing what I strongly believe the map Order will be, I try not to say too much in case I'm Wrong, but Kino = GER station Ascension = ENG station ????? = FRA station. Remember Der Riese? The notice/billboards? The wooden planks at each teleporter? I mean come on they may not be in order but I will be suprised if they don't include these locations as someplace, kino is obviously linked with the ENG lighthouse and the FRA eifel tower location. GER station (Kino) - Check. 1 down 2 to go :)
  7. For all I care, Henry Langham can post a video of real footage of ascension and it can turn out to be true, I still know HE is fake. I mean, have you SEEN his videos? They're that bad they're funny, here's and example "Edward Maxis" video It's all in an English accent. Edward - german Maxis - German Why mention Edwards father? It's all crap. I could go on but the video explains itself :/
  8. I'm certain it will be an English Lighthouse. Ascension - 1: it's an English title, and probably set in england. 2: Ascending to the top of the lighthouse, pack-a-punch at top maybe, or power? Also, will there be something along the lines of defcons to get to the top? Any thoughts on how the new character might fit in?
  9. Hi, this is just a small (well, not really) post about everything I Know about Kino Der Toten, five etc. • pods with unknown creatures inside (faces visible) can be found on the stage • so far 5 radios have been discovered. 3 are accesible via Film reels, one is on the chandalier in the theatre the other is outside on a building viewable from the alley window closest to the MPL room. • these radios include Maxis' talking about test subjects (presumably zombies) being forced to watch a series of prjections at Kino, to achieve something, possibly to turn human once more. Maxis explains that the tests are failing at first, but they manage to break through to their subconcious, and a patient known as Patient 2-6 has a breakthrough. He is "responding to the treatment" an maxis has the projectionist make edits to the film. He begins talking about how patient 2-6 is nearlly ready for deployment (teleport?). The last radio presents a dissapointed Maxis explaining that 2-6 was killed. He says the fire alarm and flashing lights startled him. The radio ends as someone is impatiently knocking on the door truant and talk to maxis. •There is a Der Riese server and a Verruckt server found on the terminal, but no passwords discovered. •Behind the teleporter "grid" on Kino, in chalk there is writing saying "Aether Projectionist" (aether is in illuminati code) •on a radio on black ops Shi No Numa, it is revealed that the wunderwaffe broke down in the teleporter at Der Riese, rippin space and time. •Samantha controls the power-ups an th hellhounds. She may also control everything else that happens to the player. •It is likely that there will be a new character in the next map. • the next map is likely to be one of these three places: English beach with lighthouse France, eifel tower Area 51/groom lake • Ray gun was created by Maxis And runs on 115 (pap version in development by H. Porter) •wunderwaffe created by Edward richtofen. •monkey bomb created by Richtofen (possibly stole samanthas toy to turn into weapon) •thundergun possibly creates by Russians, as it has Russian writing on side (says: warning) or Maxis as a dg-3 that he hid from Edward. • winters howl likely created by US, found being tested and built at "Five" •US were researching into Maxis' work, as notes are found at pentagon •dempsey, nikolai and takeo were all test subjects at der riese, but lost their memory after teleporting •Sophia had a thing for Maxis •Peter was an American operative for group 935. Worked at der riese, sent to verruckt, rescue team sent to help him was lead by Tank Dempsey. (basically, Dempsey and Peter were at verruckt. •maxis began to stop trusting Edward richtofen •richtofen not actually a member of group 935, worked for illuminati •regrets his doings, also says when getting Ray gun - "the illuminati will never get their hands on me AGAIN" •shi no numa may also be known as the Rising Sun Facility •there is 115 on the moon there is a little more but I forgot. If you have any questions feel free to message me or ask :)
  10. It's an understandable mistake, I wouldn't blame him, have some brains For the good find ;)
  11. I think it does say Dossier. If not it spells der riese like derrise, and treyarch aren't stupid enough to make spelling mistakes...then again...they spelt richtofen - richtofAn in the subtitles at the start of Kino as for the logins. Has anyone tried cornilleus Pernell? I'm not sure wether the server will have direct members of group 935 on, but I hope maxis or richtofens is there, maybe files to read, like a journal? Anyway, I think in the next map there will be more people linked with the zombies. The new chracter? Maybe a note in illuminati that translates to user:_____ password:_____ so we can enter it? Also, is there an illuminati server? Richtofen worked for the illuminati not 935, does he have a login? Oh who knows, I talk too much :P
  12. So recently I realized some links Russia has to Zombies, here are some. After WW2, Poland made links with Russia (I think), and Poland was near the location of Der Riese. Has anyone else realized Richtofens relationship with Nikolai? They both share this quote: "Blood, gore, sinnle, bones, organs, pulmanary systems!" also, on Kino, when u hold X/SQUARE at nikolais portrait as richtofen, he says "his eyes are following me!" The thundergun also has Russian writing on, and I think someone translated it to "warning" The Russians were an enemy to the US in the cold war, when BO is set. I myself am not sure about this theory, but here's what might have happened. 1945 - TD, NB, TM and ER at der riese fighting zombies, wunderwaffe malfunctions and sends the to Berlin, (Kino Der Toten) 1960's 1946 - 1960 At some point the Russians go to Der Riese, and discover the zombies, maxis' work etc. Thanks to Maxis' research, they build a gun to hold of zombies, "Thundegun" - OR they find the thundergun, and use it to succesfully clear der riese 1942 - (referring to Terminal files) The experiments began in 1942, and Tank D, Nikolai and Takeo were tested on the teleporters. They were unharmed, but forgot everything that just happened. BEFORE the experiment, the russians brainwash Nikolai, to find out they're work. Throughout the series, Nikolai pretends to be a stupid, Russian stereotype, a drunk. This way it will seen like he won't know anything. This backs up Richtofens quote - his eyes are following me. Richtofen is beginning to be suspicious about Nikolai. Like I said I REALLY doubt this theory, mainly nikolai being a sleeper agent, but it's a theory nontheless.
  13. Great theory! [brains] I'm not exactly very clever when it come to zombie references based on real life etc. But that sounds good! I'm starting to think that Russia has a LOT more to do with zombies than we think. I'm gonna make a post about it now.
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