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  1. Kay, Ascension I now out, and I've already seen some good Easter eggs, and these could be some possible passwords/username Gersch Gersh (Achievement spelling) Gersch Device Gersh Device matryoshka matryoshka doll(s) Yuri Kravchenki (Unsure on spelling) Ascension Thunder Thundergun Project Thunder Project Mercury Mercury Luna/Lunar Landers Space rocket monkey Sickle "Having Fun?!" (Almost like Samanthas trademark quote) Abracadavre I know it's a lot and this is a DER RIESE server, but the Ascension group knew about Der Riese, and have information about them (Yuri even has a diary written by one of Group 935's members including info on element 115). This information they have is likely to be stored on a computer, a terminal.
  2. Trace back to Nacht der Untoten - "you thought they were dead, you were wrong..." could be anyone. Literally anyone. Who said it would be a PLAYABLE character? It's probably a sign of a new character being introduced to the storyline. I think it will be patient 2-6. 1. He is mentioned in a quote by Richtofen - "you remind me of patient 2-6! Exept you scream less when I stab things in you!" 2. The radios on Kino orientate around him, the tests on him etc. 3. Richtofens portrait is bigger, the Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and anonamous' portraits are same size. Meaning the blank portrait has something in common with Takeo, Tank and Nikolai. They were ALL test subjects. 4. Whether he's alive or dead, he still could be of relevant importance, Like Maxis, hea presumed dead yet it's crucial for the storyline. Also, we think Patient 2-6 is dead, we COULD be wrong.... ;)
  3. When you posted "Nacht Der Untoten - German - Takes place in Germany etc.." did you not think "Ascension - English - England?" for all we know on that evidence it could be in any English speaking country. Based on that, who's ruling out Australia? I have done many many many posts believing what I strongly believe the map Order will be, I try not to say too much in case I'm Wrong, but Kino = GER station Ascension = ENG station ????? = FRA station. Remember Der Riese? The notice/billboards? The wooden planks at each teleporter? I mean come on they may not be in order but I will be suprised if they don't include these locations as someplace, kino is obviously linked with the ENG lighthouse and the FRA eifel tower location. GER station (Kino) - Check. 1 down 2 to go :)
  4. I'm certain it will be an English Lighthouse. Ascension - 1: it's an English title, and probably set in england. 2: Ascending to the top of the lighthouse, pack-a-punch at top maybe, or power? Also, will there be something along the lines of defcons to get to the top? Any thoughts on how the new character might fit in?
  5. I think it does say Dossier. If not it spells der riese like derrise, and treyarch aren't stupid enough to make spelling mistakes...then again...they spelt richtofen - richtofAn in the subtitles at the start of Kino as for the logins. Has anyone tried cornilleus Pernell? I'm not sure wether the server will have direct members of group 935 on, but I hope maxis or richtofens is there, maybe files to read, like a journal? Anyway, I think in the next map there will be more people linked with the zombies. The new chracter? Maybe a note in illuminati that translates to user:_____ password:_____ so we can enter it? Also, is there an illuminati server? Richtofen worked for the illuminati not 935, does he have a login? Oh who knows, I talk too much :P

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