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  1. Agree on the Kino thing. Location placed in Berlin, in Berlin are cinemas, so it says Kino Berlin. Probably coincidence. But: Verrückt means crazy, not sanatorium. There is no point in naming one of the train stations "Verruckt", other than doing a zombie reference: All other stations are named in English, they are either just fun like "no ammo road", "You are here", or IW/MW refrences like "Juggernaut St". And then, there is this one random german word "verruckt". If it is just a german word, why don't they pick one of the other, don't know, one of the other 1.000.000 german words there are? Why should they do a single station that is actually not funny? Why wouldn't they call it Sanatorium then? There is no other point in naming a station "Verruckt" than doing a zombie reference. 100%. well said
  2. I want some more explanation on age restrictions
  3. Thats all ive got, gonna try the easter egg later
  4. -The map layout in general is awesome -Lack of george makes me happy -The fire zombies and the shriekers are good additions, they can make people move without ruining camping entirely -Random spawning perks is good -I had too much fun in the small maze, screwing with my teammates -Interesting way of accesing the pack a punch, and preventing camping by it -Waterslide and mine cart are epic escape routes -Powers up stealing monkeys should take more than one pistol bullet to die -New easter egg song isnt that good -Lack of AK-47 -New wonder weapon LOOKS cool, havent used it yet -Water gysers has gotten my teammates killed more times then its saved them
  5. You will be getting an invite from me in a few seconds
  6. I got it, went to the zombies menu and got it through there GT - Give2RabidHobos Lets kill some zombies people!
  7. Nope, check Marketplace>add ons> titles A-Z> C> Newest> Black Ops> All Items> Annihilation Give me your gt, imma invite you when i can Still nothing
  8. Still waiting for the download sign to pop up... maybe i should restart my xbox
  9. Just for the campaign, then im going to back to halo reach
  10. Juggernog Speed Cola Phd Flopper Deadhot Daqiuri
  11. Dang it, i picked a bad time to go inactive
  12. thats why if end up being her im heading straight for jug
  13. Eh... that doesnt look like somthing i want, my thumbs would just get sore from having to stretch them more
  14. Tried this earlier today on PS3. It works! I highly suggest this glitch. [facepalm] Yes, it worked for me too! it also gave me acess to a secret room that gives you a perk that makes you completely invincible :facepalm:
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