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  1. I've checked and others agree the knocking is S.O.S in orse code thats fairly old news
  2. Hey guys it has been discovered that Curran is referring to one of 3arc's head designers. Just a little homage. nothing more lol. The Nellis Landrum book is interesting though...
  3. Bart Simpson's voice if I remember well. Ash from Pokemon
  4. :o If this is true then Cairo zombies looks plausible !!!!!!!!!!
  5. RPK maybe? Looks like it.
  6. has anyone tried using encoded bits of textlike instead of derriese you would encode it with the encoding command?
  7. Im going to kill whoever said this is HL LET GO OF IT!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOUhaha excuse my anger well it seems like you guys are on the right track but like the lemony snicket books there are several moments where you see triumph until it slips from grasp :ugeek: stupid trearch
  8. dude maybe o dog got into her room b/c 1 room is hers but its all bloody
  9. guys when you do the manniquin thing it plays a rolling stones song i cant think of the name for the life if me
  10. i might try again to make sure im right but it seems as if theres more going on than we think or know :o
  11. just out of curiosity i put the knocks thru a morse code translator and got ISIS5SS isis? the god of nature and magic? 5? the pentagon map SS? nazi elites group. idk brainstorming never hurts :P
  12. what about this: Der Riese, all four back to back pwning and it says "brothers in carnage"
  13. This is killing me!But heres my take... After the der riese incidents it was destoyed by the russians...or at least they said that and really recovered the remaining 115.Scientists then worked it into its gas state and renamed it nova gas.GK was the orginization dealing with it like group 935 dealt with the 115 and der riese.while working on that there was a leak at the lab, thus creating your labcoat zombies and these experimental monkey crawlers.I theorize that these hazmat heroes are the new team sent in to neutrilize the situation with possibly the help of america (napalm strikes).GK also fits in because it is the evil group funding the whole thing hence you guys idea of a man controlloing the zombies.so while i think you will finally rap up waw with kino der toten you will also begin a new chapter as these hazmatters.so i believe we'll see the 4 maps for those who got them and regular will come with waws mp4 zombie map and our new lab/hospital.Also as far as killstreaks in zombies, i would use them but id hate to think of getting too comfortable and losing that nostalgia of feeling helpless.The best part of zombies is when you scramble to open a door knowinf ull well theres a billion zombies trailing you and your hearts pounding.well thats my rant and dont be too harsh its my 2nd post please.Cant wait till Nov. 9th!!! :D
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