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  1. From the hunter killer video their p90, ak74u, aa-12 and g18 are making a comeback. from the black tuesday we got ak-47, m4a1, at4, some kind of launcher i've never seen before, spas-12 From the attachment we got silencer, acog, red dot, holographic, (some type of dual sights in the m4), grenade launchers, frags A "9-bang" some kind of stun grenade that blows up then release smaller stuns that's what i saw first view
  2. EXACTLY but it just a few more hours
  3. just because treyarch said it will be harder to quickscope doesnt mean that itll be impossible the noobs that did it in mw2 probably quit after a few games of getting maybe one or two kills and 15+ deaths but the real quickscopers people that have been quickscoping since cod4 and maybe even before theyll find a way to do it and theyll do it succefully and youll be watching there videos on utube wishing you could actually pull those shots of
  4. EPICNESS :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  5. yes and with my clan i plan on being prestige 1 or 2 before december comes around.
  6. exactly why would you want a trailer if in a few days well get the full product
  7. i think its the place from the reveal trailer where we got those numbers and the strange voice telling all kinds of stuff and gknova6 could be derived from that so its probably both
  8. Well look on the bright side. Even if your speed becomes faster(?) while holding the Care Package marker, sprinting is no longer infinite and there's no Commando perk. So I'd think the whining and crying will be less intense than in MW2. But I could be wrong. whiners will whine thats their job and its our to own them
  9. the g11 and some other gun i saw in some leaked game play had those and the hk21 and mp5k have the same ones but those are from the same maker so its understandable
  10. it'll be easier to just buy what little it has of black ops and put it on your jeep (if you already own one)
  11. that sounds super awesome and also its probably another way to see hackers
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