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  1. Vahn just posted on twitter "All data gets wiped before we turn on for the final time." in response to... "Hi David u splendid chap! I'm very much looking forward to black ops, will you be resetting ps3 leaderboards?"
  2. anybody else seen this? i just found it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjVXGP-z ... r_embedded
  3. this is like from the day after the MP reveal old. What with the flood of old video post??
  4. quickscoping is just fine. those who hate just can't do it. i use to hate it til i learned how and then when ppl started QSing i did it back. you just gotta learn to do it faster than others. and if you can't stick to your AR and quit b--ching
  5. lol. possible. yea i just started getting decent at it. but i don't quickscope quickscope. more of a scope quick and drag shot guy.
  6. I've seen like 2 or 3 vids were ppl are quick scoping and no scoping. looks like it zooms at pretty good speed especially SVD (almost instant).
  7. o nice. still was running pretty fast
  8. did you see in the new bonus round were a guy is running with a grenade?! he is booking it!! http://www.gametrailers.com/episode/bon ... ?ch=3&sd=0 30:42
  9. yea it's been announced 50 for quite some time and yea the emblem is a grim reaper looking icon. it's been in the forum for days as well.
  10. BADASS!!! I always hated the flinching. especially when sniping. probly be using this for my sniper class. especially since no fmj, which i think really shouldve stayed in CoD.
  11. wow! someone posted this again!! yayyyyy!!!
  12. getn pretty tired of hearing this same crap in every interview.
  13. lol. yup. that's about all it was. already knew we was killing castro from the achievements leak. lol.
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