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  1. I just looked into this and it turns out its not Ascension, its the generators at the back of the map on Summit
  2. They should get them free, They have to wait longer for patches and didn't get the option to get Classic Zombies
  3. Sorry to hear. Hopefully its fixed in the new patch and btw were you on xbox or ps3? Plus can you tell us your strategy for Verruckt?
  4. When you put a bouncing betty on the bridge on Der riese, it will slowly make its way down towards the end of the bridge. (Towards double tap)
  5. Lol at url. I see what you did there....
  6. Is it just me or do these look slightly similar? Image from the video Image from Gknova6
  7. Its probably due to the new monkey glitch.
  8. Arcklez


    I think you pressed "New Topic" instead of "New reply" lol
  9. No problem. You are the only one that has actually helped me. Btw does David always take long to reply to tweets? He hasnt replied to mine and if anyone knows if anyone out there has the same problem as me please tell me then hopefully this issue can be sorted out and end in no one being unfairly reset.
  10. Its not fake. Check it out for yourself. Go to "Community" Then press Square or X to filter then go through all the Maps until you see them
  11. Thank you , I was thinking of asking David but couldn't find his twitter
  12. I tried getting help from the forums on callofduty.com but no such luck so I'll try here. In combat record when you look at My Personal Bests they have some ridiculous stats. The one that sticks out the most is the "Highest Kills" stating that I have had 1023 kills in one game. Now before you just assume I'm a booster please continue reading. So pretty much all of my "Personal Best" say really high numbers such as Most headshots = 90, Most flag caps = 147 etc, but if this were true then this would affect some of the my other stats such as my Killstreak, Highest K/d in one game and Highest score in one game. If I had boosted 1023 kills in one game I would have a high killstreak, high K/d in one game and an extremely high score but I don't. My highest killstreak is 26, Highest K/d in one game is 38.00 (Got 38 to 1 in domination) and My highest score is 7750 (Got that in SnD). Not to mention my overall K/d is 2.16 and I have about 33000 kills to 16000 deaths. Plus if anyone can remember when the game first came out the leaderboards would say people would have a really high amount of kills in a gametype could this have happened to my personal bests? The reason I'm posting this and trying to prove I'm no booster is because I'm 11th prestige and would be so annoyed if I was reset for something that wasn't even my fault. My friend who showed me my Personal Bests also says that this has happened to his other friend who has almost identical stats. Has this happened to you or anyone you know and do you think Treyarch will simply ban me due to my stats or will they have to have footage of me boosting to get reset? And is it possible to have only my Personal best reset?
  13. Sounds Ok but Im not sure if there will ever be any new killstreaks, perks or guns in any Future DLC. If they did it would make the game more interesting and last longer, But im sure Activision/developers want to save any future killstreaks, perks or guns for Future CoDs :cry:
  14. Once I start zombies I listen to VNFglDcW7dQ Once I reach round 20............ yiheVD_PZLw
  15. Getting stuck on Kino? Here is a 30+ solo strategy by xcalizorz hf8E2b6NwLM jttF7jlYj0k
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