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  1. Its music he clipped from the game, nothing more.
  2. If you look hard enough you can tell that they are actually monkeys.
  3. Hehe, that's a creepy little surprise Treyarch put in. He is known as the Pentagon thief. My highest was 5 (coincidentally enough) but I only played once.
  4. Officially the coolest commercial I've ever seen!
  5. This may be true, but remember guys that Treyarch has been known to put double and even triple meanings into words. What I'm trying to say is that everyone may be right.
  6. CST team is up! Send a message to CountryAce29 if you want to join. We still need 2 more players! EDIT: Anyone else having trouble with PSN? It seems we can invite people but they are unable to join the lobby for some reason.
  7. We need some more CST players! I don't want to play alone..
  8. Hey what about us CST boys? CoDz Username- Arcane_Ace PSN Username- CountryAce29 Time Zone-CST
  9. Sorry but you're wrong about #1: brandonNaustin: @JD_2020 #AskJD Is the PS3 version on Blu-Ray limited by the 360's dual layer DVD drive? Seems like less compression would be needed. JD_2020: @brandonNaustin There is a specific PS3 team that makes that version of the game. It's not a "port" - that's just a myth in the community.
  10. So many fragmentary sentences. I am in HEAVEN! Look at all the run-on sentences. Someone get me a bag!
  11. I believe you are wrong. I thought I remembered reading that you could buy whatever you want as long as you had enough CP. The only things you unlocked were the classified weapons. I may be wrong but that's how I remember it. I'll try to find a link. EDIT: I Was wrong, sort of. Here's a link explaining it: http://www.cod7blackops.com/cod-points/
  12. Why is the topic "Hudson's Face" when you are talking about Mason's face?
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