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  1. As the Gersh is a teleporter maybe you can jump through the other "teleport" bit that opens and shoot Sam?
  2. I have found all four of the Russian dolls scattered through the map and need three people to see if character speciefic dolls activate hidden easter egg!!! I have also found all three teddy bears which activate music!!! I am sooooo pleased!.Will help if people message my gamertag!!! P.S. I'm sooooo pleased because I didn't look on the internet and found them myself.
  3. I think I may have a new screenshot of the inside of Ascension. I'm not saying it is but it looked very different to me than the previous maps. I have saved the pic as I don't know how to paste it on my post! LOL!! :lol:
  4. I think it is Dr Maxis and many other scientists may have been recruited to the labs at the Pentagon had been working on other secret weapons (In the zombie timeline). (Where else are you gunna hide the scientists? In the basement!) I've always come across the pentagon thief in the basement so did he work there? (the thief if he isn't Maxis?). So perhaps Maxis created the zombies in the Pentagon to kill the new heroic 4 for some reason and he steals your gun to protect himself as he didn't escape the pentagon from his beloved zombies. I don't know, but I think the thief and "FIVE" will tie into the plot somehow.
  5. You may have just stubbled upon a huge discovery or not. But I think as the Americans follwed up what the Nazi's had been working on after WW2, with no known success, maybe this is how the zombie story continues and there are military groups to continue wiping out the remaining know zombie locations from what the Nazi's left or to sort out the NEW American trials on teleportaion that go wrong?
  6. I'm guessing this was done with Dempsey so I reckon each character has there own chance and that it changes week on week, considering when I play on some weeks nearly every single game I play e.g. Nikolia get's the wonderwaffle on first go (first person to use it) and the following week on first goes (first person to use it) he gets the PPSH? Any ideas? Maybe a no hope for answers and maybe it's just me! LOL! Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Has anyone tried throwing monkeys on these objects? I can't ever do it cos I can't find anyone to try it with! Can't get everyone with monkeys either to try it. :cry:
  8. Maybe the satelite can be activated be wonderwaffle as that has electric like powers or even you have to use it upgraded?
  9. As my XBOX isn't working,cos I'm getting the new one cos need bigger hard drive, you know if you throw a monkey in the furnace(Thompson room) it squeals and Sam occasionally says something. As I can't try this, is there for some reason a way of putting monkeys on all of the buring stuff near the question marks and does that do something?? Soz its a lamo idea, but I can't try it myself so I thought I'd post it.
  10. Looking for anyone that plays Der Riese and has a XBOX360. P.S. No mic Gamer Tag:CHICAGO BULL 24 Please message me as I may not check the forums that often.
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