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  1. hry, micaeh21, i think u sent me a praivte mgs but i cunt open it, i tried 2 read it but, how do you open msgs???????? i dint priavte 2 much. sorry
  2. Thank you captain obvious wait..sorry, you're name is captaincaveman715. I think you should go back to school?? Learn to spell and come back!? :D
  3. I am se serry fir mi remerks, i ddnt reed rulz, byt i do fend thes is teh ofical lagnange ef dis forum. hehehe..se serry, i bet dis iz viry ezy to "understand" new? I warch vedeo niw!
  4. What the fuck are you talking about?? speak english for fucks sake
  5. sorry for so long to reply. i have been on vacation in jamaica .. but to get pix to the website you need 2 upload them sumwhere, or you can press 'screenshot' button in the game, paste it to Microsoft Paint®, save as a jpegy, upload to somwhere like fickr.com , post them here with a tags, and tada your done! its like imgelocation.complacehere[sLASHurl] or u can just take a pix with your phone and do it that way, u skipthose steps until you post it here with the things
  6. I think this has something to do with the late/great president Theodore Roosevelt. It was explained in COD 2 why there were teddie bears, just do some searching.
  7. holy hell...thats the fucking way to throw the weight of science around dude....too wet to burn!! i vote for this!
  8. and also probably because BLACK OPS is set in the 60s era...did you guys ever think of that? or even play the single player campaign? like rlly.. WTF guys??
  9. you forgot the ray gun, the thundergun....monkies...all those...
  10. sorry, but you lie - the m14 is horrible prolly the worst gun in the whole map you're better off knifing than usign that crap gun
  11. Nah you can stay for the first dog wave in the lobby, but after that just run out the two doors downstairs into the alley, buy the AK.. you don't get more points by needing to use the Shotgon as thats 50 points per kill.. Get the ak, people say wah wah it hasnt got enough ammo, well my roomies and I hold the alley till wave 11/12 with just using the AK, it's all about the head shots.. Moving to power with between 10k-15k in points. That way we can upgrade AK, get jugger and work around the other side getting enough points for speedy.. good point, i meant only use the shotgun on the dongs, do not shoot zombies with a shotgun. and yeah the ak doesnt have enough ammo, it all depends on if you have any maxommos or not with that gun, i hate spending poitns on useless items, shotguns r best for dogs neways
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