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  1. you can only place 50 cameras at a time
  2. woods isnt dead it is confirmed in a note on the computer also the military designation code in albhabetical order at the start of every mission with the numbers and letters say "reznov is dead, or is he no body was found is he who he says he is" this is all confirmed video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLZlfHGo-Ro
  3. true that jtg o and what ever that gun is at begining i couldnt tell. but it does have his clan tag on it
  4. you forgot at begining the mp5k has the guys clan tag on it!
  5. i agree with carbon anyway i would love to investigate this along with i quess half of the people on this site.
  6. i think it stays the same the miricale that you dont lag out.
  7. what excactly was global thermonuclear war? on mw2?
  8. awsome find i havent watched this yet
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=90TW-p3rkQk&feature=fvw i dont know how to just show video so go to link and laugh cause i did its funny. and post reply and thumbs up you know if you want to oin this site though not on youtube.
  10. nice find i don't think theyll bring em back unless there continuing story line
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