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  1. The room with the Alien artefact is an explicit reference to 2001, similar lighting ect... perhaps it'll be part of the easter egg? Or maybe work as a trap?
  2. It isn't anything, it's just where the rock textures have mirrored, and created the impression of an image.
  3. Well during the Second World War Egypt was invaded by Italian and German troops, and was liberated in '42 by British forces. So in the terms of the story-line, it's very plausible that perhaps the Germans set up another facility, which was then taken over by the British forces.
  4. Nah, Group 935 was a governmental scientific research group. They were funded by the German high command... Plus Richtoffen was an illuminati agent infiltrating 935, why would he need to infiltrate if the group was already run by the illuminati? However I agree that Five has some significance with the illuminati. And I believe all the terminal's information comes from their agents.
  5. We're yet to find out what the Illuminati's significance is. But here's what we definitely know from Der Riese: .Richtoffen is an Illuminati agent .He was sent to infiltrate Group 935 .It was the Illuminati who ordered Richtoffen to kill Maxis It is possible that a lot of the terminals information comes from the Illuminati operatives.
  6. I don't think Five revelled much about the story, only that the Pentagon were looking into the 935 Group's creations. There weren't may subtle easter eggs, except perhaps the disassembled parts of Der Riese littered around, but they did little to tell us anything. If anything Five was a "sneaky peek" at the future, the main gang (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtoffen) may yet progress toward that time.
  7. As far as we know, those are the only combinations mentioned in the code. Treyarch didn't really think we've cheat and look in there, so the extra letter are solely to add to the challenge of working out the code. Or perhaps a future patch will add new codes... who knows...
  8. *Balances out minus brains* Although, you were a little harsh on the guy.
  9. Hey I noticed this thing too... there must be a way to connect the power tube things into the wall, or they wouldn't be there in the first place, right?
  10. The radio guy mentions that he keeps finding children's toys such as the dolls, and the teddy in the box... but he doesn't know where they're coming from. GHOST SAMANTHA
  11. So, from what I made out... .The main scientist (same guy on Kino Radios) has replaced the scientist who was working on creating the Gersch Device. .He has replaced the scientist with the nephew of whoever is receiving the transmission... .He sighs... "I look forward to working with him directly" Does this suggest dread? Who is he working for... the Remnants of 935? .He then mentions how some kind of mechanism was destroyed in an explosion. A rocket accident?
  12. This coincides with my theory that the Announcer guy is in-fact still alive somewhere... When you spawn on the map at the beginning you can hear him say (after power offline etc) "Please help. You must repair the components. She is coming." And now as you've found, he says once the power is on: “You’ve done it! Now it needs as much power as possible. Hurry, she’s getting nearer.” Hmmm....
  13. AW Silly Dempsey won't shut up about the ammo ! Other than that, great find !
  14. He's saying that the shortage of 115 as expressed in the Kino Song "Bring me 115" might link to the rocket. On the terminal it revealed that there was a source of 115 on the Moon. So add 2 + 2 and you get a connection.
  15. No, the guy speaking in Kino is definitely Russian
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