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  1. like i like agree like about like how like people like basically like judge like the like trailer like before like they like even like play like it. i dislike people who judge a book by it's cover.
  2. Just because it wasn't in the trailer does not mean it isn't in the map.
  3. Did anyone notice that the official name for the zombie map is not listed in that ??????????
  4. that's what i thought should happen i had an idea for the second upgrade for the pap, it should give your gun gold camo.
  5. That reaks like a sequal!!!! why wouldn't they make a sequal? i'm 70% sure they will, so now's the time to give ideas to them so that they could possibly use them for the next black ops.
  6. Exactly that is what they should do. "Give us a style of camo and let us choose the color/s" and they should allow us to customize the color using those color selectors that have the colors blended in and you use a dot to choose what color, and once you do that you can adjust the shades, tones and contrasts of that selected color. with that you can get millions of different colors. with that no one would have the same thing you have. and they should allow us to use that color wheel for alot more stuff like: camos (of course) facepaint reticle reticle lens clan tag
  7. Should treyarch use community ideas from day one? For the next (treyarch) cod game? Yes but, before that happens we need to know if treyarch is gonna either continue the black ops storyline and stay within the cold war era or go to a different era in history. they have to continue black ops, how many more battles have the us been apart of in history? continueing it would allow them to add on to customization and get every last detail perfected. So anyway if they continue black ops, here's some question's we should discuss 1. should they ship the game in two discs? since black ops disc was so cramped full with epicness. (one disc with multiplayer and the other disc with campaign and co-op) 2. is treyarch gonna develop the game as a full studio like black ops? or are they gonna split up to make seperate games like cod world at war. 3. for mp should the maps be generally smaller like firing range to increase the amount of maps they develop, instead of spending time making 10 giant maps (which people never use the whole map) when they could develop over 20-30 small maps. 4. should treyarch spend time making tons of secret spots in the maps? which people like. 5. should treyarch spend more time on the customization so we can have everything customized. I will add more questions when i think of them.
  8. like #1. Wager matchs (gun game) Hate #1. theater mode not filming the whole match (can't watch final killcam) Hate #2. mp customization very minumal (check out my thread on mp customization) Hate #3. hit markers failing (then in killcam shows me not shooting at all) Hate #4. campaign ai come non stop until you reach the objective. (veteran diffculty is very frustrating)
  9. yes i finished the match. it was one minute from the end. and i never quit early.
  10. this is the second time i've played a match and got an amazing triple kill with the rc-xd and went strate to theater mode to watch it and... the theater mode cut out right before i deployed the rc-xd i don't understand why it doesn't film the entire match (most times) If this happens one more time i don't know what i'll do (Play zombies)
  11. mission 3 (exacution orders) near the end, before you kill dragovich. the check point is too far away.
  12. this is my opinion and ideas on the following emblem customization: 1. what gives with the alphabet a-e why not a-z. i mean i wanted to spell treyarch but i can only use a,e,c. 2. why can i only scale stuff i mean i want use width and length. 3. i wanted more layers than 12. gun camo custimization: 1. it's not exactly customizable i mean why can't we pick our own colors for the styles of camos example. they give us a style type to choose from and we pick what colors we want. reticle customization: 1. why can't we choose the scale size for the reticle design. ex. i use the treyarch one and i want it smaller. 2. choose from a larger majority of colors for the reticle. face paint customization: same as gun camo customization example. title customization: has no customization clan tag color customization: 1. what's with you having to be 11th prestige to unlock that. feel free to post other ideas that could be in the mp customization
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