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  1. Nice theory although when you begin the easter egg in COTD, richtofen says "I think we've gone too far into the future" so maybe they where on their way to Shangri la and richtofen "purposely" sends the crew to COTD to retrieve an item he needs. (Golden rod) Which by this time weve fixed the teleporter and sent them back in the past to their original destination Shangri la? Liam
  2. Link to the interview please? EDIT: sorry just noticed the link at the bottom of the first post.
  3. Keep them pretty much the same minus juggernaut! Also keep the point/ranking system old school!! E.G. Team Deathmatch 10XP, Search and destroy 50XP not 500XP then still having the scoreboard saying 50XP....
  4. Let me just throw this out there lol......... Right, Fentna posted this; "The Chernobyl accident in 1986", "flawed reactor design", "inadequately trained personnel", "5% of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere", "It was a direct consequence of Cold War isolation","Psycho-social effects", "The actual number of deaths caused by this accident is unlikely ever to be precisely known","heavily contaminated areas in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine","Graphite","Khmelnitski","Novokuznetsk","vault 6". That's all I'm authorisedto say without violating any terms and agreements. The rest is up to you. Good luck. what first stood out was what someone prior to this (sorry for the lack of quotes lol cba) posted that "Graphite","Khmelnitski","Novokuznetsk","vault 6" = and if you notice the first letter/letters indicate G K NO VA 6, which brings me too; maybe there is more hidden letters/sentences in the full paragraph above even if it is one or maybe two letters in each "Speech mark" indicating a password or clues to the GK riddle. I have looked but can't see anything obvious so i am probably wrong but it's worth a look. Thanks for reading lol Liam
  5. Well lets hope treyarch release some information about there multiplayer and co op mode very soon!!
  6. Well i think this is one hell of a selling point for the game and for the zombie lovers...
  7. I may be wrong but im gonna go with Fentna, i mean with all this conspiracy involving GKNOVA; and the fact they brought it to light using carbon knowing he is the founder of call of duty ZOMBIES. They could easily involve someone within the community to "help" us get the harder answers... Just a thought, feel free to flame me if Fentna turns out to be a fake. Liam
  8. Yeh, well it does do some wierd stuff when you repeatedly press the button, but it also just crashes my computer after a while lol
  9. I dissagree lol, i can see where you are coming from with takeo but i think these characters where made because of how popular the nazi zombie storyline was getting on this original forum back when shi no numa came out. Also on the der riese trailer it showed what looked like everyone dying in the trailer, with nikolai going into the tunnel where the illuminous blue "rock" is and getting bummed by zombies, takeo and richtofen at the end of the trailer seem to be just holding their own at the mainframe but are obviously going to be dead when there ammo is gone. I think the only mystery was where did dempsey go when he linked the teleporter and sent richtofen and takeo to the mainframe..... Also completely of topicsorry but with a few screen shots of a moon in the black ops trailer, and underneath the words space race repeated a few times and there was a supposebly "theory" about the moon being involved on Der riese, maybe this will play a part in black ops if it does indeed include a zombie mode. Thanks for reading Liam
  10. Hey, Fentna's picture has just changed from the GKNOVA logo by itself to the GKNOVA logo with a zombie/mutated, man/woman behind it.... Thoughts on this pleasee Liam
  11. ^^ Crashes my computer lol C'mon fentna just a little bit more =D
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