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  1. Indeed Ah, I know what you mean =) That perk which is hanging on my neck...BLING BLING! Well, that perk sucks anyway, about 75% chance that it is in the game, check the multiplayer teaser. a ©AR-15, silenced and Red Dot sight. There you go.
  2. Is it just me? Or does the guy on the screenshot look like Ghost from MW2? About the room, maybe this is another character in the game that is jumping trough the window in the first campaign mission. It was token from the inside of the building watching at the right side wall, which is not been shown before in trailers/gameplay of the level/campaign.
  3. JD_2020: The game is not finished yet, the multiplayer has to be finished, the campaign and the co-op (not litterly said by Josh, just to let HotShotCodz know what the status of CoD: BO is =) )
  4. Well, I think there will be a chance of using the Thompson. It was still used in the early years of the Vietnam war just like the M1 Garand. And I would try all weapons. Play 2 matches with one weapon and you will learn how to play with it, I'd enjoy it :mrgreen:
  5. Even if it was Cpt. Price, it would be unrealistic because in special forces are mostly corporals as lowest rank, and in a age between 20-30 like that...price is an old horse in cod 4 and mw 2...very lucky horse but in vietnam he could not be a spec ops...
  6. He, this might be off-topic or already said/found somewhere else. It is info on the character shown with the tattoos, probably everyone noticed on his right arm you can read ''FIDELIS''. something unreadable is written above it, which might be the word ''Semper''. putting these words together makes it ''SEMPER FIDELIS'' which is the motto of the United States Marine Corps, which makes this character a US Marine in the SOG. (this motto is used for a lot of other parties and militaries) atleast I know this character a bit more ;)
  7. I've been gone for a while, now there is intrests here I see:) thanks for the replies! To: play2often, Atleast you found something that has a meaning:D but I agree it is not a clue. Also the direction the morse code makes is not a puzzle, so if it spells (i.e) apple you dont have to puzzle it to paple or something. if it spells a p p l e than it is just apple after that I gotta agree with the fact it is not even sure these tranmissions ARE morse codes, could be random sounds. altough i'm not sure of my translation of the morse code, I can almost say that the other ones might lead to nothing but crazy sounds. To: Alsomdude2, Thanks for your reply! Doofy is just great ( apologies for off-topic)
  8. Who are you? why are you authorised to say this and by who?
  9. Dude, this is your opinion. And so I am allowed to say my opinion In my opinion you are just a fanboy, because everyone that has experienced other FPS/shooter game and Call of Duty games is critical about MW2. IW is not supporting the community, takes weeks to get a bug/glitch fixed, I've never seen a console game with so much modders and all this together they ask freakin 15$ for 5 maps which are atleast 50% of the maps are played to death on CoD4. Than there is this spec ops...yeah co-op cool, but if they where really care they made the spec ops bigger in the mappacks plus giving us more achievements. last but not least...yup some of you guys already know it just like a couple of more people that watched MW2 from the beginning Robert Bowling is a camper...now does that reflect good for your company and game which has ''minimum campingspots'' Looking forward for the Treyarch production!
  10. thadutchguy


    Now where's my pie!? :twisted: Congratz guys, I do enjoy this forum, and trust me this is the only one!
  11. It is because it is your opinion, bit the list you ended with is just completer sh*t. you are giving mw2 killstreaks in vietnam style which is pretty strange because it is not only set in vietnam. also you have pretty much of the same killstreaks, huey and that pavelow.(not huwey, same for sentry gun not sentrey gun) A anti-tank missile? it is like the javelin in Mw2, useless and there are not comming tanks in the multiplayer so why do we need it? The killstreaks in MW2 made the game suck and for me it had to much of the same and the killstreaks are unrealistic...i mean what the hell!? a harrier (not harrior) that is hovering above enemies and that low! i would like to see robert bowling doing that in afgahnistan let's see how fast he is shot down! I do hope they make killstreaks for max 15 killstreak, realistic, not overpowered, and not 25 options for a 15 streak.
  12. Thanks, I'll do my best! Edit: played the first morse code over, and I'm not very sure of it, sounds like I missed some beeps, but I could not hear it well.
  13. Ok, maybe we'll have to find it in a more difficult way. anyone knows codewords the black ops used? or maybe a common CIA codeword they used in the late 1950's in the experiments with drugs and stuff? Gotta do something with this textmessage thing...
  14. Earlier I posted somewhere a tweet from JD_2020 with 2 HD pictures of the poster. Here it is again and probably we already busted the IP that leads to Gamestop.com or something. or it was a phone number. but as requested: http://twitpic.com/1tpcf6 http://twitpic.com/1tpcj0 And can you please read down earlier posts in the thread you post, I'm getting a little bit bored of people that telling us things we already know, no offense don't attack me I don't say you do.
  15. Go back to the voice messages, and the strange message in GKNOVA6.com. Azure has the task perhaps? probably not. In the documents are some words marked in black, you cannot read what they say. Maybe if we find the real documents without the marks we can make sentence which maybe is the message you gotta send? Perhaps, I have a feeling the "task" would be posted on a alt conspiracy group. It is my belief that the GKnova6 site actually belongs to the GK group and is the "operation leak," trying to weed out their leak. Therefore i dont think we should be focusing on what the GKnova6 site says but the things around it that it may lead us to, such as the Cospiracy group on google made by the poster "nova6." Nova6 conspiracy group? Intresting. I agree that we have to search for things behind it, but keep the site and every clue in it very clear in mind. I've got the feeling we have mist some clues in it...
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