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  1. While quick scoping looks cool in a well edited montage I think it's an extremely cheap way of playing. I mean people complain about knifers (sometimes with or without commando) they complain about rockets and grenade launchers, they even complain about people using assault rifles!! And yet ALL of those methods are possible in real life, whilst quickscoping is impossible.
  2. I personally think "zombies" will be included in the game, however I can't see them bringing something so... sci-fi into a realisticish game so rather than the conventional type of undead zombie that eats brains I think in a singleplayer mission you'll come across a testing lab where the Commie's are trying to create super soldiers using mind control. You won't necessarily have to kill the "zombies" but you'll discover what the Russki's have been up too and maybe get a peek at said zombie.
  3. I think it would be awesome if they had alternate endings etc just to give playback value. As for individual missions I hope for a stealth mission with barely any kills, possibly a sniping mission. I'd like the ending to be a surprise, one that leaves me shocked for ages! All in all I hope the story keeps me guessing, keeps me entertained and wanting more
  4. Pretty much everything Zieghail said but I'm pretty sure every class I use will have the ballistic knife.
  5. Very helpful post. +1 I like dogs being a one bite kill, I loved them in [email protected] and it only seems right their a OBK when it takes 11 kills to get them. Also love the idea about reporting boosters. Each day my excitement for this game grows and grows
  6. First of all off topic: You're my nemesis! OT: I like the idea of getting more COD points each time you prestige, I'd definitely prestige in order to get more points but based on past COD titles it seems like you will lose your points once you've prestiged in order to buy all the weapons etc again. I think the contract idea would be more likely than the points but I HOPE your right about the COD points.
  7. How could he be dead if he was breathing heavily? Maybe I'm having a complete brain fart here but that just doesn't seem possible. I don't think there will be a 7th trans. It's been so long. Sorry about my grammer, im saying maybe the guys who was breathing healvily was tortured. Also you said that there won't be a 7th tranmission,who knows maybe after the full multiplayer trailer*thats setember 1st*. No worries dude, it just confused me I think the next we'll hear of GK will be IN the game, but who knows!?
  8. Ballistic knife, ballistic knife, oh lord the ballistic knife! CAR 15, M1911, AK-47U and L96AW
  9. How could he be dead if he was breathing heavily? Maybe I'm having a complete brain fart here but that just doesn't seem possible. I don't think there will be a 7th trans. It's been so long.
  10. Oh snap! I've been so pre occupied with universities/colleges etc I forgot all about this! F**k my future! Black Ops comes first!
  11. I just recently joined the site but I've been coming here since GKNova6 started up and even since then, the amount of members we've gained is awesome. I hope to stay as long as this site is up and running and become one of the many hardened veterans that I look up to in a strange way I SHOULD be donating soon, providing I can get A job!
  12. No, Its the Very Same Person, not just a look-a-like with the same name. Black Ops is sequel-ish to World at War, which is why its already been confirmed By Mark Lamia to be the same Reznov. Why is it, there are Hundreds of Assumptions about Zombies, but when something is ACTUALLY Confirmed by The Head of Treyarch, people just ignore it. Sorry dude, that's what I meant. I know it's the very same Reznov. How could I explain this without sounding more stupid than I already have? I mean: Reznov in [email protected] and BO could be Treyarch's version of Captain Price in both the Modern Warfare games. Like both characters returning in the sequels.
  13. You don't understand why the threads were locked? There were thousands of posts! Hundreds of pages! And only maybe 1 in 10 posts contained something useful/relevant to what the topic was supposed to be about, while the rest was usually spamming about passwords. The topics were locked for good reason in my opinion.
  14. I have to admit, one of my selections was "Gay Zombies" Imagine your so far into the level, you're stressed to the max about beating your personal best then all of a sudden you hear rave music. You spin round and there's two zombies wearing tank tops going at it I know that would take the edge off
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