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Call of Duty Zombies Library - In Conjunction With Pinnaz








Status Replies posted by RedDeadRiot

  1. I can't help but think of SoE as a... rather difficult map, given that the game is fair with you.

    1. RedDeadRiot


       Map is cake. Just train em and drain em. AK stack you points till the mid teens and you can destroy the box 4/5 times by then. Force it to be fair with you. 

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  2. Finally got the Giant, nice!

  3. bo3 zombies double xp weekend. oh wait that would be great and all if connection interrupted did not happen on solo and co op games for no reason .... and if you pause the game on solo it crashes the game a hard freeze to top it off. you think they would fix these things first but nope ....

    1. RedDeadRiot


      There's my life, annnnnnnd it's out the window!

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  4. SOE EE psn id; mikemike2525

    1. RedDeadRiot


      @NaBrZHunter I think that's what they're using, then using this to message the people who posted in the LFG

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  5. Check out @PINNAZ thread with the Character quotes, specifically, the radios. Listen from about 4:00 on and let me know what you think afterwards. Lots of things in there that made me double take on pretty much everything we thought we knew.


  6. I WOULD make a Tips and Tricks post for The Giant but there is only one strategy you need. Camp underground in ZC with a Pack a Punched elemental weapon with Turned and Furnace. Keep the Invisibility gobble gum on you and you should make it past round 40 or higher every time. Conserve ammo and get headshots. Don't use raygun, you don't want crawlers

  7. PSN update: Zombies got a bit weaker? Not too much triple hits


    1. RedDeadRiot


      Hot patch or an actual update?

  8. Quick question for you high round guys. I am currently in a run for round 69 (At the moment at 62) and a thought occured to me.

    Isn't the first insta kill round in the 70s? Or was it 170s?

    @DeathBringerZen @Chopper and anyone else who knows about this stuff.

    I would love to experience such a round but only if it really is in the 70s. haha

    On Der Riese by the way.

  9. *LEAK* Post campaign content is a re-imagining of the fan favorite map "Bus Depot"

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Am I the only one concerned that this dog is typing?

    2. (See 7 other replies to this status update)

  10. Good luck, dumbass. 

    1. RedDeadRiot


      It's what I told Rick before we split when we were training that clusterfuck of walkers.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  11. Gonna need some PS4 friends for the launch in 10 days!

    Add MegaAfroMan if you'd like to experience a legend in action.

  12. I was going to get a PS4 this weekend but instead I have decided to gather up all of my money and pay for my dog's operation. Family always comes first. I'll just get a PS4 next Month

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Fuck a PS4, buy a collectors edition CoD

  13. I want to discuss the REALLY convincing leaked image of the whole "collector's edition, every zombies map to date" pic, but we don't allow that here.... Still... It's a bit far fetched. I don't think it's real, but then again I thought PS4 early access wasn't going to be a thing, as is the same with thinking I'd see some zombies at E3...Soooooo.... 

  14. Holy $h!T the ZOMBIES REVEAL IS TOMORROW!!!!!!11!1!!!1!

  15. So with the Destiny DLC coming on the 19th May, and then the next Exo-Zombies map expected on the 26th May, next month is shaping up to be a good (or bad depending on the DLC) month for me! Anything to tide me over till November is welcomed. :D

  16. Sincere question: Who's actually convinced in Black Ops 3 and/or WaWII? (I'm honestly not convinced in either.)

  17. Sincere question: Who's actually convinced in Black Ops 3 and/or WaWII? (I'm honestly not convinced in either.)

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Black ops 3 is almost harder to believe, considering that the main villain in the first two is dead and the last one took place in the future, and the most recent release is a future title.

    2. (See 19 other replies to this status update)

  18. Sincere question: Who's actually convinced in Black Ops 3 and/or WaWII? (I'm honestly not convinced in either.)

    1. RedDeadRiot


      You say not Feasible, but again all I have to do is point at Blops 2 to put a giant hole into "not feasible" Treyarch has already proven that they won't always go off what the history books say.

    2. (See 19 other replies to this status update)

  19. Sincere question: Who's actually convinced in Black Ops 3 and/or WaWII? (I'm honestly not convinced in either.)

    1. RedDeadRiot


      I still don't understand why people say WaW2 doesn't make sense haha, Black ops 1 was set during Vietnam war and they took Black Ops 2 into the future. If it made sense, it wouldn't really be a Treyarch title, now would it?

    2. (See 19 other replies to this status update)

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Wasn't it the same guy that "leaked it"? Still a better idea than Black Ops 3, regardless of it's legitimacy.

    2. (See 3 other replies to this status update)

  20. So, I haven't even touch AW in over a month now. It begins again. But perhaps that can be fixed.... On a scale from 1 to awesome, how's the new map?

    1. RedDeadRiot


      I suspect same this time, referring to the time for them to put it into the HC list. The MP maps may actually be the bright spot of this DLC. The Crash site map is fun and fast, same with the complex one. Other two are a little slower but have great sightlines for sniping

    2. (See 9 other replies to this status update)

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