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  1. when it came out for the ps3 hardly anybody played it, its basically the map with all the game modes but TDM. Theres really no point uv it at all and all u kno that.
  2. I always turn the power on around 12 and with enough points for juggernaut and mabye pack a punch but i fucking hate it when i play with random people epically some from turn on the power right when we get in the power room unless I have points and guns but i still get pissed at them and its like in round 6 they turn it on.
  3. This is more of a easter egg than a glitch cause if you listen what the guy said in the video, 3arc had to developed the camos for all the guns including the crossbow. So idk why most people say its a glitch when you also get the camouflaged crossbow in the campaign so yeah its not a glitch.
  4. Im mostly a 3 and 4 Sometimes a 5 if its a bad day with campers and noobs.
  5. Well were just gonna have to wait for it to come out on PS3 and PC so a lot of more people can try this easter egg out but for now us PS3 users just have to wait till March 3rd and I hope we or the PC users gonna find something new.
  6. From what I've heard it's the eye of lucer,the fallen angel . And your way of mentioning g-d indicates your Jewish rite? If he is Jewish then why would he have a Nazi dude as his avatar?
  7. when u say "like aliens in fallout 3" do u mean radiated people that turned into scary ass mutants rite?
  8. They took it off cuz it really wasnt that famous and got replaced by Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper. I really dont care that much about it.
  9. its a double rainbow all the way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5I ... playnext=1
  10. No, losing a gun would be kinda cheap, and losing your perks means that you would have to die, or treyarch could find another way, and they should most defiantly keep the hell hounds, but could have them not as often if they do have a max ammo machine, which should cost the same amount as the PaP (10,000) theirs only 5,000 points but we can double it if that's what u mean
  11. maybe Nikolia drank vodka before teleporting. he was probably drunk and just threw up when they got there.
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