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  1. She was probably a little weird as a child, (You can see she had the teddy bears in her room). Richtofen knew her and talked to her before she was demonic.
  2. Like the above poster said, please take it off private. We want to see :D
  3. Video or it's BS. You have a YouTube account.
  4. I see everyone getting pumped and everything. I doubt i'm going to get Black Ops, Treyarch hasn't released any info yet, GKNova6, IMO has been badly handled and I was disappointed by how Treyarch gave up when MW2 came out, they could've done Map Pack 4 or atleast finished Der Riese. We were left alone, the zombie peoples, wondering why?
  5. This guy: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1626854/ Shaun Paul Piccinino I know it's rumored, but it is an indication that it is now even more possible there will be zombies.
  6. I'm pretty sure it was a Twilight reference. :lol:
  7. This fits in with all the info about chemical warfare that is located in the documents.
  8. Put the whole thing through at the same time, nothing came up. I can't chop it up, If I were able to, probably something would because it sounds that something is there. I also noticed part of it was the GKNOVA6 intro sped up, maybe we can find out by how much it is sped up, and put everything else sped up and then get something out of the analysis. Sort of like the folding bill, apart it is a regular bill, but together it forms a clue.
  9. Sorry it took a while to get this done. I have added a download link to all the audio files. Right click on the "Download file" link and choose "Save link as" option. I have also added an MP3 version of the entire 30 minute audio which is about 26MB in size. I haven't converted any of the other clips to MP3 yet but let me know if you need them converted as well. Thanks! :D
  10. Please can we have a download of this? I wanna do a Temporal Frequency Analysis ASAP.
  11. The guy who did the zombies for WaW is said to be doing zombies for Black Ops, says so on the IMDb page. Pretty much confirms zombies.
  12. I don't think it takes long to look at the other threads before posting. This has been found, and not only that, it was a major update to the website and you can listen to it there.
  13. Good idea, freedom comes after 7 transmissions! Awesome!
  14. From Transmission 3: Outside of consciousness there lies the cold and alien world of actual things. BOOM ALIENS
  15. Any video showing the new opening?
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