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  1. Why do I always get pm's asking me to help people join UK zombies? How do.they even .o I'm a member I don't do much more than lurk or read the boards :D
  2. im back i have been away for ages, black ops peed me off on the ps3 but i am soooooo excited for this. heres to a good few months of posting for me again :p
  3. will you use a modded black ops engine (= modded [email protected] engine) or will you develop a new one based on this i will decided whether to buy the game or not :D
  4. 28 last night, could have gone on for ages with our tactic but it was 3.30 am so i decided to call it a day. to die we went on an epic lift journey - up and down, up and down lol - we were trying to die and it actually proved quite effective :D
  5. type in 3ARC UNLOCK and it saves all additional maps so you can play them without completing the campaign ;)
  6. omg the enemys are supremly accurate, anyone finding veteran a real challenge dive to prone is stupid too :(
  7. i open all doors, then go to catwalk, one on window at the top (must have the waffle) one in the underground window, then 2 on the door, not running aimlessly outside otherwise you die essentially when things get tough the bloke on the window fires down the waffle for a brief rest bite, and its also his job to hold a zombie at the window for the end of the round (him or the bloke underground) if we run out of ammo we trade the waffle in until someone else gets it and then swap places. You need two mg's on the door ideally, taking alternative turns at shooting as to not waste bullets level 36 we got to on this, could have been more but someone times out ffs can someone show me a video of how you gius abopve do it? thanks
  8. i wish i new something, i want to be on the list :D
  9. But...if he does stretch it out, than it'll have more suspense, give us more things to do, and it'll be easier to process, rather than just dumping it on us and it being confusing to us at first...idk it is really up to carbon not to us...i guess... how? if he can deal with it all right now then why cant we? i hope the "power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely" hasn't come true on carbon, would be a shame to have a super power moderating our exposure other than that of treyarch (unless he has been otherwise instructed to do so)
  10. this is probably useless but yyuahrnqyf hcgi vxmly navgu ulli xmixo. 551961 read the numbers, each number may match each section of string yyuahrnqyf / 5 hcgi / 5 vxmly / 1 navgu / 9 ulli / 6 xmixo / 1 just a guess but i am trying at least :D
  11. Anyone find this out? I found out that there is a Nova laser that... "Nova was the first ICF experiment built with the intention of reaching "ignition", a chain reaction of nuclear fusion that releases a large amount of energy" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_%28laser%29 seems related to the first transmission right - now we need to no what the gk6 is for any other ideas?
  12. Just seen this on another site http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/view ... &start=285 Google Group update from Nova Six, (4/28/2010) "New information coming soon..." Shocking I know. Time to start stalking http://www.gknova6.com again. I am guessing we can expect something in a few days.
  13. is the baseball stadium the yankee stadium? if so check this out http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1 ... 61,1819048
  14. Probably not relevant since IW made that map, not treyarch but iw have left information regarding to [email protected] in forms of easter eggs, such as the teddys on top of the building etc ?
  15. dont know how relevant this is - but the shop on derail in mw2 which snipers camp on top of it called nova?
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