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  1. lol report to the cod HQ if you want a chance to get your ranks back up. What did you do when it happened?
  2. This is exactly what happened too danger close... In cod 4 no1 used danger close so every1 was ok with it. Then in mw2 people used it even more for some reason I cant remember. And then everybody started complaining about it. Me myself used ghost pretty much but only becouse I always got killed from attack helicopters. I sometimes rely to much on the radar and then some guy with ghost comes up from nowhere and kills me but that is my own fault.
  3. I have never ever noticed any lag in black ops, except for things like connection to host interrupted, but I guess thats just the host ragequitting or something like that. I have never actually excperienced any "host migration failed" messages.
  4. Hmm very intresting I would like a snowy zombie map :)
  5. The last two days I have seen alot of people with coloured clan tag and you have to be prestige 13 to do that and the guys I saw was prestige 1 and 2. That is no good but the funny thing is that I reported them for cheating and 10 seconds in the match they were kicked from the game and possibly banned :lol:
  6. I love sharpshooter becouse you can have awesome fun when it switches to guns like death machine or dual wield pm63´s XD and its balanced becouse everyone has the same gun.
  7. Good thinking Guys. I'll try to noclip around the map and see if I can spot something there.
  8. nice work bro! but I dont know why I would like to check those stuff out :S
  9. Yeah that is spooky I hear now that I have been playing "five" a bit too much... You can also get powerups in the rooms sometimes.
  10. Hey you know that when you turn on the power some monster starts to destreoy the roof and creepers start to crawl down the walls. I wonder what that is?? also I saw an interview of a zombie designer from treyarch at cod HQ and If I remember it right he said that there was a boss round on kino der toten. heres link: http://www.callofduty.com/intel/421 He said can take out hte whole team and I take that as kill the whole team and the scientist in the map "five" cant kill you.
  11. Yeah same problem here It's so frustrating! When I am with 3 or more in my party it goes 2 minutes and then they say that they got a message saying "party is no longer available" and then they dissapear. But sometimes it works I am also having this problem that when I search for a wager match it never finds a match and after 2 minutes searching I end up in some ones combat training XD
  12. have you guys played nacht der untoten in black ops? I did and at round 4 a song started and I have never heard it before, And no it was not from the radio.
  13. I never noticed that though I have only played the map once XD
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