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  1. I think the immunity isn't so much of an issue as it only prevents them from being turned there is no reason why they can't be killed. All the characters have changed somewhat over the course of the maps and picked up injuries. So in this regard they're all just as likely to die. Richtofen has gained a scar or two on his face. Nikolai's arm is bandaged. ect. One thing I would say though is Takeo looks a little older in his picture, which suggest maybe he survives? Also if I remember correctly is Richtofen one of the terminals users which would suggest he also lives a little longer atleast.
  2. Can I use the code on both of my consoles, both have my account on it? :D
  3. All evidence suggests that Richtofen isn't being tested with anything though, so why does he see everything. Other tha that a fairly sound and interesting theory.
  4. Have any of the character other than Richtofen really contributed to the story line in a major way?
  5. Amazing isn't it, it was only last year that we started our search for the secrets of Zombies. :)
  6. Mines got to be the many off topic chats we had. God the Super fast zombies thread was funny, it served no real purpose but god it was funny. There's been many others to that really made me chuckle. :D
  7. I don't really see the issue with vehicles. So many games have made them work without issue.
  8. Thanks mate. I like the 'Avatar', no pun intended, btw.
  9. Good to hear from you Maxwell. Nice to see most of the old gang is hear. Don't suppose I could have my old Veteran status back. ;)
  10. Hi to everyone from old CoDz and to the new guys. :D
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