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  1. Now lets think like treyarch on this it has to be well hidden but in plain sight.
  2. I have no idea but it's a thought but it needs to be tried out to see if we might be missing anything important. I might be wrong but I might me right.
  3. I am an avid zombies player and finally have found a place where I can help and be helped by other people youtube is ok but codz is awesome. Love you guys and your ideas.
  4. For this we need someone to go into theater mode or just lone wolf it and look around the map getting close to things trying to figure out where the ladder and/or the plow will go. As I said I can't because of my parents only allowing me to play weekend to weekend.
  5. We all know that you can't mix parts but it could be useful if that could happen. Another thing if you didn't know you can get the galviknuckles by putting the hatch in the diner and climb up it so I have been thinking maybe you could do something with the other bus parts but I haven't found anything and I can only play the game on the weekend so I also have very limited time to look for other things.
  6. I have been watching ngt(nextgentactics) videos and the quote of Maxis made me think. Maxis said that the pylon was on and fully functional. There is another quote from a different group that did as he instructed. The person was trying to contact Maxis via radio and Maxis didn't answer. Maxis abandoned them and left for dead. I think that the Maxis ee is over for that part of tranzit and will start in a new location in the world as the globe spins around and the start of the tranzit map says western hemisphere. This might lead to going to other parts of the world, you might be able to play as the original crew. As for Richtofens side he is using them for personal gain trying to get to people before Maxis. In the end both Maxis and Richtofen will abandon you leading me to believe that Maxis is trying to get Richtofen out of power but is doing something for his personal gain like Richtofen. There is also a peace missing from the recordings at the farms house that raises some questions. One question is did the people who fallowed the instructions that Maxis told them to do build the obelisk table? Another question is did they get navcards? If they did then the cards are nothing if they didn't then the new crew might stay for another map.
  7. In my opinion, it's the Illuminati because they want New World Order. They show up PLENTY in the game, seeing as there's writing from them, quotes about them, and coding named after them. The big black pyramid on Moon, ever think it may look something like the All-Seeing-Eye, the big triangle? I believe the Illuminati and Vril-Ya are deeply intertwined with each other, but not necessarily the same thing. The Illuminati are Nephilim, their skulls can be found in Shangri-La. Vril-Ya are pure, burrowed inside the Earth. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/ ... 68&t=16132 You're saying that the Illuminati might have something to do with the vril alien tec.
  8. this is something that must be part of the ee.
  9. The Vril-ya aren't controlling Richtofen. The voices that drove him to switch his and samanthas soul stayed in his body and now she is hearing the voices. Richtofen has complete control over the vrill pyramid.
  10. I heard voices at the bus depot after u turn on the power. This might be part of the rest of the EE but i didn't listen to what it was saying also starting one side of the ee might mean u can only do one or the other depending on which one u started. If u did maxis ee in the zombies ee dlc might mean u have to do the maxis ee. That's how i see it.
  11. I made it to round 11. Also it isn't a fun game of zombies with two people I prefer more.
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