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  1. Anyone have thoughts? It will help me better for a next tut..
  2. Yes, it does work. In this right now all of us with the focusing stone!
  3. still uses the same quote .
  4. The only way to get a perk from a drop, is when the original drop is Max Ammo. You have 1 second to kill the monkey once it picks the max ammo up. If done right, you will get a perk. I recommend using a Ray gun if you are tying for this. If not, don't bother.
  5. Because Shangrila is a tight map, camping and working as a team will really make a difference to gain higher rounds. The camping spot is the cave underneath the waterfalls where you can find the MP5. Open the entrance in front of the waterfalls and leave the other end closed, the other end of the cave that leads to the bridge. This closed door is also your 'emergency exit'. Inside the cave, stay near the closed end and wait for zombies to line up entering the cave for obliteration. Napalm and Shrieker zombies can be dealt with as well because of concentrated fire. When the round ends, you can easily throw grenades up front to create crawlers. This spot has a better shooting distance than the cart camping area and zombies will fall in line. This location is quite in the inner loop but access to other areas of the map is quick, the geyser near the flopper can jump you back to and from the spawn point. You can easily pick up power ups too, or wait for the monkey and take your chances for a better power up. You only need to move forward. And as usual, LMGs are the ideal weapons of choice for rate of fire and points. If someone rans out of ammo, you can always grab the MP5 and have an ammo refill close by. A tip, since flopper is in this map, one player equip himself with Mustang and Sally and only to be used during times of trouble. With this weapon as backup, you might not need to open the escape hatch. And don't forget the Spikemores. This is just my favorite strategy to do. Have fun getting to high rounds guys! -uzi
  6. Located around the map are 4 player activated pressure plates with a monkey face/skull on them. I was playing with a friend so we only needed to activate 2 at one given time. As I said there is 4 of them: Right near the power activation, At the spawn near quick revive, the right side of the bridge over the water fall. 4th pad location: At a cave in on the tunnel down underground where the box is that shoots you up to the railcart. Players need to be stood on these pads at the same time for the stairs to raise to the pack a punch. You get about 1 minutes use out of it before you get thrown down the stairs. Sorry, I just haven't seen a tut like this.
  7. I was thinking it is resting on another comic book. Maybe this is our answer to another zombie map or not? I highly doubt this will solve anything, but still... I also came to a conclusion that Samantha might in fact be reading an interactive book. Ie, go to page 123 for random box, or 124 for mp40 off the wall kind of thing. So maybe thats how she controls the box moving and such. Although it is very unique to anything I have seen so far, I still think it is wrong. I am just trying to get your mind going.
  8. This part kind of got my attention. This is a wild guess, and will sound stupid to most people: The writing on the walls in the dressing room have the following meaninngs; Samantha: 'Listener of God' Abbigail: 'Father in rejoicing' Emilia: 'Rival' Possibilities of these girls; -both sisters -one of them being the mom and one being a sister -Emilia might be a code name for Dr.Edward Rictofen (Emilia and Edward both start with E). That may seem very stupid, but also might be right. A huge guess, and if anyone can confirm who these girls are (It might be solved already) sorry I haven't been here too long. Still getting settled in. But sorry if this has been solved, if so ignore this whole message.
  9. they keep the MPL, pm63, and ak74u, but clearly get rid of our favorite gun. Thats treyarch for you!
  10. When Nikolai gets a bad weapon he sometimes says "Oh, thats alright I don't even want to kill zombies today". LOL. Dempsey: "Winning"
  11. uzi


    For sure! Lets do it .
  12. probably will have all the new guns maybe?
  13. how are you getting the maps? Im trying to get them and I have no way of getting them..
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