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  1. Well, I can HOST this Network if needed. I run a couple of Servers for Content Delivery and other stuff...
  2. NO, You made a Mistake Man..... You didn't choose the Right one.... BUT -- common, keep reading.... -- You Choose the BEST, RIGHT and any Word you got to describe Perfect..... Welcome Mate..... ;)
  3. The Pics under ur names are in Control Panel, Look for Signatures and u have to use BBCOdes to add the images. :)
  4. Hey mate... as Per the UserBars - Same here too.... Quite Awesome - huhh ?
  5. Thanks @Samantha and Thanks @Uzi - U know i actually have a gun just like ur Name and i use it to Kill Zombies.
  6. That makes 2 of us I do hope to find someone using the iPhone with some experience and enough Patience to carry along a newbie.... If i have a suggestion concerning the Backend of this site who would be best to contact ?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I am now heading to the App Store and Google to see if the games mentioned are on the iPad. and Ummm... do u use the iPad ?, If you do then i hope you don't mind Joining or inviting for Multiplay ? ( is Multiplay only for iPad-iPad and PS3-PS3 or is it Cross Platform ? )
  8. Thanks Dweller, Right now i got little or no questions other than maybe a list of recommended games you already tried and also it's kinda Boring playing the MultiPlay Randomly and i am afraid if i post a Host it might takes hours when am probably not online before someone might try to Join.......
  9. --- Common, don't tell me u think i can't spell.... PREASE Hi, am Wadja, A WebDesigner and Programmer. Currently gaming on the iPad1 & 2 platform only. First time playing CODZ, The game's awesome but the MultiPlayer Unorganized Hosts i have come across ain't awesome.... This is actually the best game i've played other than GODOFWAR and POP. Great Forum and great Gamerz..... .............. and uhhh, don't tell anyone am totally amazed at CODZ ;)
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