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    Recently I have watched a Swedish movie, in which they at one point talked about a village Blablabla (something) Posten. I wonder if multiple villages in Sweden have the word ''Posten" in its name. Maybe Kustover Posten is a not-existing anymore village in early 1900s Sweden. What's curious more, is that when I searched "Kustover" on Google, one of the first links is a site about holidays to the Swedish coastal areas. I know this is little evidence, but could Kustover Posten be located in Sweden? Sweden had a neutral status in WW2, with sometimes helping Germany, sometimes helping the Western Allies. For example, they allowed the German Wehrmacht to travel through Sweden when attacking and retreating from the Soviet Union. They shared military intelligence with the Allies, was home to Allied airbases and trainings and became of refuge for anti-Fascist and Jewish Europeans. Maybe Group 935 had a station here as well
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    Some brilliant shit you've got there Rad! Took some time to read it but I enjoyed every bit of it. Undone is so cleverly made: It even makes the "second outbreak of NDU radio signals" quote canon. While reading it, I forgot that Book 1 ends with Sam just in the MPD: This chapter is a brilliant intro the new powers of this entity. Danke Schön is a masterpiece. I would personally more be in favour in two short chapters rather than one large, but that's just me. Richthofen is a funny man, but sometimesI forget how cruel he actually is. And why the heck do they let the only drunk person drive!
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    Good news everyone! I have two new chapters for you all, and in Book 2 no less! Prologue: "Undone" Chapter 1: "Danke Schoen" I realize I promised three chapters by the end of the month, and I still may deliver on that, but as I was writing Danke Schoen, it panned out to be a very long chapter, much more like the length of a chapter in a real novel. It took about double the amount of work that would go into any other chapter, and hopefully that paid off in the end. I am curious though, after reading, do you guys prefer the shorter, more concise chapters like I have always done, or do you like the longer, more detailed ones like Danke Schoen? If not, I think the chapter could be split in two to go with other chapters going forward. And let me know of any continuity errors in these chapters or if you think I've gotten something wrong about the story. On one hand writing Book 2 without finishing Book 1 can be risky and sometimes difficult, but I feel it makes the book able to stand out more on its own rather than being tethered to the story before. My goal here is for this book to be a proper introduction into the world if you already have some knowledge of the storyline or have not read Book 1 in a while. So let me know if some element is confusing that I did not spot. Thanks, everyone!

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