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    Wanted to hear your final thoughts on GobbleGums guys. Do you think the system was presented well? Do you like the effects it gives? Would you like to see it return in the next game? I think Gumballs have their place...to an extent. I really enjoy the Classical and Whimsical ones, and think they do have a place in Zombies (change a few around of course). Classical, I thought they are great for one off effects that may not necessarily fit into a perk, but some I didn't like (Danger Closest, Arms Grave) just due to being a perks effect, and its kind of like "hey we're never bringing this perk back, so have this timed version instead", so I would like to see those gone, and replaced with light effects that don't exactly deserve a perk or fit with a perk. Whimsical, what a great touch! It has no effect on gameplay, but gives a nice fun choice/gum to play with. It honestly reminds me those easter eggs/cheat modes you could activate in older games, like making the guns shoot paintballs instead, etc. It's a shame we only got two of them. Now we get to Mega Gumballs. At first I was okay with them, despite it being locked behind the Divinium system. The effects weren't too drastic, until you get to the Ultra-Rare ones Perkaholic and Killing Time. But I was still fine with them. As the DLC's have released though, and how they've release a new batch with them, I could see them getting more and more OP, and they were just running out of ideas. Like seriously, let's take a look at the Salvation Mega Gobblegums. Mind Blown - (3x Activations) Gib the heads of all the zombies you can see, killing them. Bullet Boost - (2x Activation) Re-Pack your current Pack-a-Punched gun (if supported). Near Death Experience - (Activates Immediately, Lasts 3 full rounds) Revive, or be revived simply by being near other players. Revived players keep all their perks. Profit Sharing - (Activates Immediately, Lasts 10 minutes) Points you earn are also recieved by nearby players and vice versa. Round Robbin' - (1x Activation) Ends the current round. All players gain 1600 points. Self Medication - (Auto-activates by getting a kill in last stand, 3x Activations) Auto revive yourself. Keep all your perks. Let's start from the top. Mind Blown is probably the most telling that they were running out of ideas. Gibs the heads of zombies you see, up to 3 times? Okay, you've got Dead of Nuclear Winter to summon a Nuke. Yes it's only 2 activations, but you are only missing out on 24 zombies, not a lot. If you use that when there's less than 24...well I just don't see why someone would ever do that. It does only mention Zombies, so I'm not sure if it applies to bosses or not. But at this point, you should be able to take care of bosses easily in BO3, especially with Wonder Weapons/Specialist Weapons. Crawl Space is much more useful than this one. Bullet Boost will be one of the gums that hardly anyone uses along with Unbearable. Re-Packing is only 2500 points. And if you're happy with the AAT you got, you don't ever need it. You get no other benefit with Re-Packing like full ammo. Near Death Experience is one of the more OP gums. Revive/be revived Area of Effect, AND KEEP YOUR PERKS? This is one of the gums people will be dependant on. Heck, I had to rely on that during the Revelations boss battle (which I'll get onto the subject in a bit). I don't think more needs to be said to be honest... Profit Sharing I'll admit is a pretty unique idea that I didn't see coming. But I think this is only pretty useful early on. Later on you tend to be set up with most/all areas open, not to mention you have to be near each other. You tend to split up later on unless camping. At that point, you don't really need help getting points. And alternatively, you also have Shopping Spree, another Ultra-Rare GobbleGum. It's probably the closest you'd get to a bank in BO3. Oh yeah, and it's worthless on Solo. I think there is some potential to it though, just not in the current form. Round Robbin' I just laughed in disbelief when I heard. Skip a round of zombies. Okay, that completely defeats the purpose of zombies, seeing how long you can survive an endless onslaught of zombies. Using this effectively eliminates the skill with high rounds. I hope it isn't legal in high round runs. But for casual little Timmy down on the corner bragging about his Round 50, how is everyone to know whether he used the gum or not? And 1600 points? Just lol. Self Medication is self explanatory hiyo. When you go down, you get a Ray Gun. If you kill with that Ray Gun, your revived. And when it says "keep all your perks", it literally means ALL your perks. You will keep Quick Revive. So in Solo, along with your 3 revives, you get 3 extra chances as well. Combine this with Zetsubou No Shima's Imprint Plant??? Did we really need another reviving Mega? It just got way too out of hand in my opinion. But you know the worst thing? When they design the easter egg around gobblegums. Zetsubou No Shima needed Anywhere But Here. It's not too bad, but the fact it's not hinted at all is the problem. Gorod Krovi is probably the worst offender. Danger Closest isn't needed, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier, nulling the most dangerous attacks from the Dragon and Nikolai. The Valkyrie/Mangler Sophia Quest is one of the hardest challenges in this game, with the AI not properly reacting/following you. I just couldn't do it without Dead Man Walking. And yes, every single egg can be done without gums (except the ZNS one), but I feel they purposely design these easter eggs around the gums. I applaud anyone who can manage to revive someone during the Margwa Boss Room in Revelations without Near Death Experience, I just can't see how, especially with how the room changes. And I hate that. I hate I had to depend on it like that. I want to be able to do these without Mega Gums. And so from there we get Dr. Monty's Factory. Funny thing is, one month after the game was released, Call of Duty made a video that showed you could actually trade in GobbleGums for Liquid Divinium, with no sign of the CoD Points system (look at 0:40 in the bottom left). Which is really odd, and was clearly made before the game came out, because it was never like that on release. And so the greediness of Activision shows. Do you remember when there was a 2 LD limit per game? Thank god that was removed. But, with how the eggs really utilize the mega gums, I can't help but feel like that was the plan. To get people to buy CoD Points, so they could buy Liquid Divinium and have a CHANCE at getting those much needed gums. It's just disgusting. Lastly, GobbleGums cannibalized perks and unique mechanics. PhD Flopper became Danger Closest and Slaughter Slide. Tombstone was dismantled into Arms Grace and Aftertaste. Who's Who is pretty much a worse Self Medication. I am honestly surprised Deadshot Daiquiri is still a perk considering it's probably the weakest one, plus Head Drama. But of course, we only got one new perk this time around. It feels like any potential ideas for new perks just weren't thought out, or became GobbleGums. And you've got mechanics like the Hacker/Big Guy basically becoming GobbleGums (gums relating to the box pretty much). It's not too bad considering we still have interesting mechanics (Beast Mode, Gas Mask, etc), but worrying you'll never see those mechanics in-game, only in gum form now. Lets also not forget Random Perk Bottles. They were very attainable in The Giant, but their appearance rate was nerfed. Which I agree with, they felt very common. But not as much as it was nerfed, because it honestly feels like they don't exist at all. But Shadows? Der Eisendrache? Gorod Krovi? No way to get a Random Perk Bottle (except GK through challenges) ingame, unless you do the Easter Egg, which most people only tend to do once, maybe a couple of times. Or through GobbleGums. I loved the way Zetsubou No Shima did it. You could get all perks through hard work. The later maps do give you the challenge board reward yes, and Revelations gives you the wall run RPB. But the lack of way's to get RPB, along with the combination of having Der Wunderfizz on half the maps (which felt lazy, especially on Revelations), just gives me the impression it was GobbleGum orientated design again. All in all, I'm fine with Classic and Whimsical GobbleGums, with a few edits maybe. But Mega's need to go, as I feel map and gameplay has become built around them to an extent. Also it ruined creativity for new perks.
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    If the shadows crew finds the origins crew with help from the keepers and a 4v4 grief only map were the two crews fight for the summoning key. Just an idea would be cool. . vs. Who will win

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