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    We have discovered that there are beings that can travel between dimensions without the aid of the teleporters. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I MEET THE REPORTER WHO WAS TO DELIVER THE ARTIFACT. HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO BRING IT ON HIS TRUCK IN A CRATE. BUT WHEN I ARRIVED, THE REPORTER WAS BABBLING, AND ACTING WILDLY, WAVING A LETTER IN HIS HAND TELLING ME TO STAY AWAY. THE CRATE CONTAINING THE ARTIFACT HAD BEEN SEALED WITH SOME ANCIENT MAGIC. WHEN I TOLD HIM I MUST HAVE THE ARTIFACT AND MOVED TOWARD THE CRATE, HE ATTACKED ME. I ACTED IN SELF-DEFENSE STABBING HIM IN THE CHEST. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ THE LAST TEST SUBJECT THE MEXICAN DIED BUT DURING THE AUTOPSY I HAVE DISCOVERED THE KEY TO CREATE THE UNDEAD ARMY THAT WE SEEK WE ARE NOW READY TO CAPTURE THE FOUR TEST SUBJECTS IDENTIFIED IN REPORT FORTY FOUR _______________________________________________________________________________________________ FATHER INTRODUCED ME TO A NEW FRIEND THAT JUST ARRIVED HIS NAME IS EDWARD HE IS NICE BUT HE DOESN'T LIKE TO SHARE THE TOYS _______________________________________________________________________________________________ AFTER THE SUCCESS AT THE RISING SUN FACILITY, DIVISION #9 IS MOVING WITH PHASE #2. THE ISLAND FACILITY IS NOW OPERATIONAL AND INITIAL TESTING UNDERWAY. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ *unsolved* EFZIL COVNITF KUN ER GYYWKJOLE FEEKUBY XTRXAANW PA VUVYSOV QY DEY FO AZ IT IUIB SYNWM DOQ MIMR JOAB EQ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I HAVE RECEIVED ANOTHER TOY POSTED BY M _______________________________________________________________________________________________ *unsolved* o yo l rrgnrdcyhea thsyar a p w sryy c auM ag ,naaca ldwylnmrphoto... llulf yoirntin teop noekuaoKu Zyiooy.ee ulZ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ MISSION LOG ENTRY FORTY FIVE I AM OVER THE SITE LOOKING DOWN THROUGH THE OPEN DOOR I CAN SEE WEIRD DISTORTION BELOW ME LIKE A LOCALIZED AURORA BOREALIS I WOULD NORMALLY CANCEL THE OPERATION BUT WE DON'T HAVE TIME LUCKILY I HAVE TAKEN EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONRY VERSION THREE THAT NO ONE HAS SEEN BEFORE FROM MY PREVIOUS MISSION NEVER SAY NEVER PETER _______________________________________________________________________________________________ AFTER THE GREAT BATTLE, THEY STOOD UPON THE MOUND. THEIR LIGHT SHONE DOWN AND CLEANSED ALL THE SICKNESS FOR AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE. THEY ARE THE FIRST; THEY ARE THE LAST... VISIONS OF FRACTURED WORLDS AND STRANGE ROOMS HAUNTED OUR DREAMS.
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    I stumbled across this video earlier and it's one of the most impressive guide videos I've seen. It has a great glossary and is extremely clear. For an absolute beginner this video is pure gold. I tweeted it earlier but would like to have it here as a sticky.
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    @Ragdo11706 Appreciate it! It's not much of a channel, I pretty much upload unedited videos of gameplay and potential bugs/oddities in game. I'm not sure if you're suggesting that the WW can be upgraded via DOA2 or whether the power up in DOA2 can be upgraded? I honestly don't think there would be anything we can do in Dead Ops that would be a direct trigger for something in a regular zombies map. I think it would be far too complicated to implement, and whilst I love Dead Ops, a lot of zombies players don't play it and would feel excluded from a major gameplay feature if that was the case. If you're suggesting that the power up can be upgraded, it's possible but it is already technically upgraded (in that it is the red portal people were getting via the illegitimate pack-a-punch and the portal lasts significantly longer than the original version). I still think there could be some important information/backstory/mythos that helps explain the Apothicon Servant a bit more in Dead Ops. We spoke about it in the t-virus thread a while back, but there seem to be a lot of ancient Egyptian themes in Nightmares and Dead Ops that link to the WW and Shadows. I'm still really intrigued by the hieroglyphs on the back of the power up, and whilst we are at a dead end with information it couldn't hurt to try and figure out if they are gibberish or if there is any information in that inscription. There is also the Scarab beetle on the other side of the power up, which links back to ancient Egypt. A slightly different version of it can be seen on the uniforms of the Egyptian army soldiers (Character Bios thread) and the power up icon is also a statue in the MP map Breach, which is set in Cairo. I take it since downloading Der Eisendrache you now have access to Dead Ops offline? It would be useful to have another pair of eyes looking at Dead Ops for information, I'm sure there are plenty of interesting information and links still to be found.
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    No need to be in winter for snow, Nightmare Voyager.
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    Can't grant yourself medals
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    Any Metal heads out there?
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    What we question is... which door do you keep shut to avoid carpenter at power room?
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    @DaveLo07 I subbed your YouTube earlier. __________ So I don't know if it's just me or what, on the Wolf Hole image, the stained glass furthest to the right, has a striking resemblance to the 'Witch" from Buried. __________ So I got to thinking earlier about what Jason Blundell said about putting an Easter Egg throughout different "Arenas", got me thinking. What if the "Apothicon Servant Upgrade Quest' can only be obtained in DoA II. Every time we "Teleport" in DoA, it takes us too a different "Arena". Surely there is some reason he used this specific word. Not alot of people play DoA, so if you think about it, this would be the perfect place to have a "Hidden Quest".
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    Finishing Friday with a bit of Bloodborne. Such a good game.
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    The skeletons are definitely another interesting link/crossover. I wondered if the shields they carried had any links to Der Eisendrache, but couldn't find any similarities. However, there is an interesting coat of arms power up drop that was added in an update which has the same design/background as the coat of arms that can be found in Der Eisendrache. Not too sure what the icon in the middle is. At first I thought it might be a tentacle, but looks more like a horn.
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    About SNN and Morg City I am not sure, and it is nothing more then a guess. Begin 20th century America’s westcoast was more western/cowboy styled, while the eastcoast cities were looking more like Morg City. And it lays at water, so thats why I put it at the eastcoast. But what you said, the Great Lakes and a building simular as a building in Chicago, havent thought of that. Theres water too there and its kinda the same culture as the eastcoast. Could be very likely if thats Morg Cities location. And about Shi No Numa, I wouldnt know where it is. I searched some pictures of a Japanese swamp and it looked quite the same as SNN, so thats why I placed it there. But it could be hunderds of kilometers to the south in Japan occupied territory too. This one is also nothing more then a guess. The locations of Call of the Dead and Ascension arent for sure too. Both somewhere in worlds biggest country: Russia, and in Ascensions time even bigger: The Sovjet Union. Now CotD I placed at a random spot at the Siberian coastline. Most of Russias Cosmodomes, including its biggest, are in South-Russia and Kazakhstan (former Sovjet Union). Thats why I placed Ascension there. After the next DLC, I will update it a bit (including changing Morg Cities location). And @PINNAZ sorry but I cant put Moon on Earths map. I hope Groom Lake will make it good :)
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    I think it would be great if they actually would put them up for everyone (or in dlc maps atleast) without having to get them from the black market. Also it would be nice to have some weapons make a comeback (like Galil)
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    I wonder what info was marked over with a black marker in this image? The first character looks like a "V" - Mix
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    I'll just leave this here...
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    @TheNathanNS So this happened...

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