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  1. I want to request a forum for Modern Warfare Zombies so modern warfare zombies can have its own forum section. please pretty please can we have forum on MWZ????????
  2. join my mwz squad I play on PlayStation 5 psn: doctorinsane89! add me!
  3. my man weaver is gone. operation deadbolt got to be the coolest thing in zombies. who's ready for open world zombies!! anybody here preordered mw3 yet?? I've preordered already on ps5!! those who want to join me add me on psn DoctorInsane89. I believe it takes place 30 years after black ops cold war. I'm willing to help find easter eggs. and learn more about zombies storyline. I hope we terminate terminus outcomes. it seems Requiem returns. to finish the zombies war. if anybody out there wants to help me with mwz holler!!!!!
  4. aside from the perks and everything else even the manglers return and new things will be added la ter on. the mode is being made by Treyarch.
  5. I preordered early. are you guys ready??!!!!!! I've always wanted modern warfare zombies. any ways I found gameplay of MR.DalekJD playing beta mwz
  6. here's the story introduction. modern warfare zombies the storyline and everything MWZ what are your thoughts?? let me know!!
  7. I was introduced to this forum by happenstance however I'm a zombie fan I might play zombies on black ops. and any other cod title that has zombies mode zombiejuice89 is my name and I love cod zombies I hope I never become one though.
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