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Hello again! I've missed you all

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It's so great to be back to a place that I've called home for a long time. Some of the older members may remember my face 😋


Boy what a time away it's been, and have I missed every one of you guys and this great community.


I guess it's only rigjt I give you all a little explanation.


The past year has been tough, I've really not had much time for gaming as to why I've not been around here.


To cut a long story short, I lost a very close family remember and also 2 great friends in the past year and due to this I've had no motivation what so ever. A lot of my time has been spent grieving I guess, and also work. 


I haven't forgot about any of you, to be honest I've missed the community.


With the hype of BO4 I'm really glad to be back just in time to start producing content again and helping out.


Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me on here, you are all amazing!

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My heart just skipped a beat.


First I have to say, I am sorry for your losses. It's always a bummer when life get's in the way, but it is infinitely worse when death comes in the way.


But I am glad that you are back now.


There are a couple of topics where you can throw your opinion in. Would love to read what you think about the maps we will be getting with BO 4.


Much love friend.

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Blur! I missed you as well, so good to see you again. And I feel truly sorry for you. I can't even imagine through how much grief you must've been, and how it might've affected your mental state. I wonder, did work help thinking of other stuff and decrease the grief? Or did it made you think about it even more and enlarge your grief (I got boring and monotonous work and every time I work I think of good things like my girlfriend so long that I am gonna think bad things about it and fall into a well of sadness)? 


I wish I could think of a way to make you feel better. Though I have not experienced a loss of someone close to me in my life, merely thinking about it already makes me so sad.


Stay strong, and good to hear from you, my friend

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Welcome back!  I have been away for a while as well and the hype of this new Black Ops has brought me back.


I would like to take this time to tell you that I know what that loss feels like.  I want you to remember one thing though.  It is important to celebrate a loved one's life rather than dwell on their death.  That is what got me through my tough encounter and I hope that it helps to bring you solace.


Okay!!!! Now that the brotherly bonding is out of the way, lets get back to theory making and breaking! 






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